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15 Day Georgian Holidays

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Qoruldi, Caucasus Mountains, Georgia

Khulo, village in Adjara Mountains, Georgia

Khulo, village in Adjara Mountains, Georgia

St. George basilica, Uplistsikhe, Georgia

St. George basilica, Uplistsikhe, Georgia

Bodbe in winter, Kakheti, Georgia

Bodbe in winter, Kakheti, Georgia

Batumi, Black Sea, Georgia

Batumi, Black Sea, Georgia

Ushguli community, Caucasus, Georgia

Ushguli community, Caucasus, Georgia

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

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Starts from: Tbilisi

Available: April - October

Type: Private cultural tour

Total driving distance: 2272 km

Duration: 15 days/14 Nights

"Georgian Holidays" is a 15-day private tour to Georgia, starting from Tbilisi. This route covers almost all regions between the highlands of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus and the shores of the Black Sea. Explore natural wonders, traditional wine-growing regions and all major historical and cultural monuments of Tbilisi, Telavi, Mtskheta, Kazbegi, Kutaisi, Zugdidi, Mestia and Batumi.

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Sights to Visit


Day to day

Driving distance: 25 km (30 min) 

Meeting in the arrival hall of Tbilisi International airport. Transfer to Tbilisi hotel.

Check in time 15:00

Free evening. Overnight at the hotel in Tbilisi.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION HERETbilisi Historic District

10:00 guide will meet you at the hotel lobby and invite you to start full day sightseeing of Tbilisi historical district.

The first stop is Sameba, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, one of the splendid and tallest churches in the orthodox world. The grandiose staircase leads from the entrance and bell tower to the cathedral; the gorgeous panoramic view of the city is opening. Go around the yard and the main hall of the cathedral. Excursion will take about 30 minutes.

Tour continues to Metekhi Plateau, the residential area of Georgian Kings. Equestrian Statue of the King Vakhtang Gorgasali - founder of the capital city - overlooks the river Mtkvari and colorful medieval houses with carved wooden balconies hanging above it. From here walk downhill to the Europe Square and Rike Park, picturesque area.

Lower station of the aerial cable way is located in Rike Park. Ride up to the Narikala Fortress built in 4th c, The site overlooks Tbilisi. From the fort Narikala we stroll down to the old districts of Tbilisi and visit several interesting sites: LegvtaKhevi canyon, natural waterfall, the thermal Sulfur Bathhouse District, Shardeni street, Meidan square and the surrounding area that is full with outdoor cafes, art galleries and souvenir shops.

Today we explore two museums: Tbilisi History Museum and National Museum of Georgia on Rustaveli Avenue.

In the evening arrive to the hotel.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

Total driving: 205 km (3h 17 min)

Days 3 and 4 are devoted to explore Kakheti - the major wine-growing region and the former kingdom of Eastern Georgia.

After breakfast in Tbilisi hotel, check out and drive to David Gareja semi-desert hills to explore David Gareja lavra cave monastery. Established in the 6th century, complex developed on a huge territory among 13 monasteries in the early middle ages; hundreds of cave cells, living areas, churches and chapels now became part of Azerbaijan territory.

From Gareja desert continue the way to Bodbe and Signagi.

Stop at the Bodbe nunnery and see beautiful wall paintings and wooden iconostas of 19th c. Monastery is closely associated with St. Nino – the Enlightener of Georgia; her relics are buried there. Basilica originally was built in 9th c. and was renovated in 17th c., 19th c and 21st c., Monastery nowadays is a popular pilgrimage site.

After 2 kilometers drive, arrive in Sighnaghi - a small charming town on the eastern foothills of Gombori mountain range, overlooking the valley of Alazani and surrounded by the defensive medieval curtain walls.

Overnight in Sighnagi.

Total driving: 127 km (2h 19 min)

After breakfast drive to the village Velistsikhe and visit Numisi Wine Cellar - one of the oldest wineries in Kakheti. The cellar and dining hall, ethnographic yard and bread bakery, are constructed in order of traditional heavy field stones without stucco, and represent the best examples of domestic lifestyle and dwelling of 16th c. *Optional Wine tasting in available here.

After Velistsikhe head to the village Tsinandali and visit House Museum of Alexander Chavchavadze. Prince Chavchavadze was Georgian nobleman, military figure of Russian Imperial army, poet and a public figure of 19th century. Nowadays, Chavchavadze’s residence, mixed English-French style garden, enoteca and wine cellar operates as a museum. Tour includes a glass of Tsinandali white wine.

Next stop is Twins’ Wine Museum located on the left bank of Alazani river in the village Napareuli. This private museum describes whole process of traditional - inner Kakhetian wine making method in the transparent 500-liter pitchers: fermenting, natural filtrating and aging wines in inner Kakheti.

Continue the tour to Gremi - the remnant of a medieval city that functioned as the capital of the former Kingdom of Kakheti in the 16th-17th centuries. Currently, the architectural monument of the Royal Citadel of Gremi consists of the Church of the Archangels, a three-story residential castle of King Levan I, a bell tower, a wine cellar, an evacuation tunnel and is surrounded by a medieval wall with turrets and towers.

At the end of the day, drive to Telavi town for overnight.

*Optional Wine tasting in available in all above mentioned villages.

Total driving: 216 km (4h)

After breakfast leave Telavi and depart for Mtskheta.

Located at the confluence of the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers, the city of Mtskheta was once the capital of Iberia (3rd century BC - 4th century AD), the ancient kingdom of Eastern Georgia. Mtskheta and its medieval architectural monuments: Jvari Monastery, Samtavro and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral are recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. Enjoy the scenery, panoramic views and take time to walk around.

Continue the trip to the the north, towards the ski resort Gudauri. Drive on Georgian Military Road to the Great Caucasus mountains. On the way we make a stop near Zhinvali Reservoir and visit Ananuri Architectural Complex (16th-17th c.c.); The fort integrates medieval fortification with churches and Aragvi Eristavi s’ (local feudal) residence.

In the evening continue to the north and get to Gudauri (2196 m).

Two overnights and dinners are arranged in Gudauri hotel.


Total driving: 98 km (2h 20 min)

Start full-day exploration of Caucasus mountains, Kazbegi municipality. Drive to Stephantsminda town – the administrative center of Khevi area. The road goes through Jvari Pass (2395 m) - impressive stops are available on the way: Friendship monument of observation platform, the watershed on a pass, travertine mount and try to taste bobbling mineral water from the alpine spring.

Arrival in Kazbegi and take a walk (approx. 2 hours, grade easy) to Mount Gergeti. Gergeti Trinity Church (14th century) is situated on the top of mountain. From there we can enjoy panoramic views of Kazbegi town and Kazbegi Glacier (5047 m).

Return to the town, and head to Dariali Gorge. One-hour hike to Gveleti waterfalls.

In the evening drive back to Gudauri.

Total driving 334 km (5h 42 min)

After breakfast check out and leave Gudauri. Drive to Gori – administrative town of Shida (Inner) Kartli region. Visit House Museum of Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator- leader of the 20th. The guided tour will take about 30 minutes.

Uplistsikhe Cave Complex is about 12 km away from Gori. Comprised of cave dwellings, chambers, tunnels, and streets, Uplistsikhe is an ancient rock-hewn town dated as early as 1st millennium BC and served as an important political, trade and religious center of the pre-Christian times.

After Uplistsikhe, we continue our way to the west of Georgia through the Lesser Caucasus Tunnel and arrive in the city of Kutaisi, the administrative center of Imereti. Along the way, make a few stops at Rikoti Pass, visit pottery workshops, a farmer's market, and the charming 9th-century Ubisa Basilica with an unique Paleologos-style mural in the interior.

In the evening arrive in Kutaisi and take historical-cultural tour of Gelati Academy and Bagrati Cathedral. Both of these monuments were built during the Georgian Golden Age and nowadays are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Overnight in Kutaisi.

Driving distance: 250km (5h 51 min)

After breakfast *optional visit of Kutaisi farmers market selling fruits and vegetables, as well as local Imeretian cheese.

Head to Sataplia Natural Reserve and Caves, located in 10 km from Kutaisi. Sataplia attracts for its unique relict deciduous forests, karst caves, subtropical vegetation, glass observation panorama, and well-preserved footprints of dinosaurs. The tour will take about an hour.

Continue to Samegrelo lowlands and drive to it’s capital city Zugdidi, an administrative center of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region. Visit Palace of Prince Dadiani, the last ruler of the West Georgia. The royal residence was turned into the History and Architectural Museum and Zugdidi Botanical Garden in 20th c. Complex comprises of two palaces, church, yard and a garden spread on 67 ha. Museum houses various ethnographic and archaeological collections.

Drive to the north, to the high Caucasus mountains of Upper Svaneti. Make a stop at the Enguri Dam, one of the highest (274.5m) concrete arch dams in the world (constructed in 1961-78 years on the river Enguri).

In the evening arrive in Mestia – administrative center of Svaneti, the most isolated, well preserved and exotic place in Europe.

Two overnights in Mestia.

Driving distance: 93 km (3h 15 min)

The day starts with discovery of the mountainous region of Upper Svaneti, surrounded by peaks and glaciers of the Greater Caucasus: Shkhara (5201 m), Ushba (double peak 4710 m and 4690 m) and Tetnuldi (4858 m) can be seen if it is not cloudy. The province has become a popular destination for its beautiful wildlife, hiking and skiing trails, climbing opportunities, authentic medieval architecture, traditional cuisine and well-preserved local lifestyle.

After breakfast drive to Ushguli community – one of the highest continuously inhabited places in Europe. Ushguli comprises 4 villages and is included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites List. On the way we make few stops at the villages of Ipari and Kala and take a look at village churches with medieval frescos.

Visit local family, taste homemade tea of alpine flowers and speak with host. People are very friendly and hard working. Make easy hike towards the foothills of Shkhara Glacier(5201 m) – the highest mountain peak in Georgia.

In the evening return back to Mestia and visit house- Museum of mountain climber Mikheil Khergiani. Located in an ancient housing estate, Khergiani Museum presents authentic Svan lifestyle and dwelling of middle ages.

Overnight in Mestia.

Driving distance: 290 km (5h 43min)

Breakfast in Mestia hotel. Check out and leave for the Black Sea.

If the weather permits, start a day by visiting Hatsvali cable car. In calm day it is possible to ride all the way from Mestia to the top of Zuruldi ridge (2 336m). The splendid panoramic views of Caucasus mountains, Tetnuldi and Ushba picks are opening around. If it rains or windy, cable car can’t work; Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography is the best re-placement for Hatsvali cable car. Collection of museum includes various ethnographic and archaeological artifacts, old Georgian manuscripts, Georgian Orthodox icons painted in the Svan style etc.

On midday leave Svaneti mountains and drive to the lowlands of the Black Sea, towards Batumi – the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and second largest city of Georgia.

In the evening take Batumi walking tour, visit Piazza square and enjoy a leisure sunset on the boulevards of the city.

Overnight in Batumi.

Driving distance: 44 km (1h 26 min)

Relaxing day. After breakfast drive to the Green Cape, where Batumi Botanical Garden is located. Officially opened in 1912 and later expanded during Soviet times, the Garden has a vast variety of trails, plants and trees from different climate zones. Easy walk for an hour will make your day.

Next site is 10 km away from Batumi to the direction of Turkish border; visit Gonio Fortress – a well-fortified Roman city in former kingdom of Colchis in 2nd c. AD. and an archaeological site dating from 1st c. AD. Gonio later came under Byzantine rule.

Five more kilometers out of Batumi and visit Ethnographic Museum Borjgalo - a must see for any visitor interested in local traditions and ordinary lifestyle of Adjarian villages. A prominent master of wood carving Mr. Turmanidze, create this open area crafts museum, telling the story through the models of Adjarian village people.

In the evening return back to Batumi city.

Overnight in Batumi hotel.

Driving distance: 326 km (5h 36 min)

Long driving day. After breakfast leave Batumi and drive to Borjomi spa-resort.

After arrival take a walk in the Borjomi Park and taste bobbling mineral water from the main spring. Mineral waters of Borjomi have been famous for the curative effect since the early 19th c., and are exported to more than 40 countries of the world. The park has an ecological theme and it features: a green pavilion with a transparent dome and mineral water fountain where all can fill up own bottle, a peculiar statue of Prometheus which stands at the base of a small waterfall, a cable car leading up to a scenic overlook, children’s amusement rides, pavilion of models “Georgia in Miniatures” and an outdoor swimming pool deep in the forest.

In the evening continue to Akhaltsikhe, a historical town and administrative center of Samtskhe-Javakheti region, South Georgia.

Overnight in Akhaltsikhe hotel.

Driving distance: 61 km (1h 11 min)

On Day 13 tour of Akhaltsikhe and its surroundings: visit Rabati district and Castle. The castle houses beautiful courtyard, amphitheater, Akhaktsikhe History Museum, several churches, a mosque, souvenir shop, restaurant and hotel. The museum collection includes manuscripts and books, photo, archaeological and numismatic collections.

Continue exploration of Samtskhe - Javakheti area, bordering Turkey. Drive along Mtkvari river and see uncounted quantity of ruined medieval fortresses on the way to Vardzia monastery. Make some short photo stops at ancient Khertvisi and Tmogvi Fortresses.

Vardzia is a medieval cave monastery, founded in the 12th century during the reign of lady king Tamar of Georgia and her father king George III. The complex is cut in volcanic ashes on thirteen levels and consists of multiple chambers, cave dwellings, painted churches and chapels interconnected through narrow corridors and tunnels situated on different floors and tiers. Guided tour will take about one hour.

NOTE: Electric car will deliver passengers to the starting point only.

Relaxing evening. Dinner and overnight in Vardzia.


Distance: 227 km (2h 18 min)

After breakfast depart for Tbilisi.

We are going to pass through Javakheti volcanic plateau and make a few stops at the alpine lakes of Sagamo and ParaVani, as well as the largest artificial lake of Georgia – Tsalka reservoir. Don’t miss to visit small fish-farms on ParaVani river and Phoka Monastery artisan shop, where you can find exclusive cheese and handicraft chocolates made by local nuns.

Free evening in Tbilisi.

Overnight in Tbilisi hotel.

Distance: 25 km (30 min)

Breakfast. Hotel check-out time is 12:00. Transfer to the Tbilisi International Airport.

Have a light flight back home!



Private Staff:

  • Professional private guide service during the tour 
  • Private vehicle service during the tour



  • 2 x transfers: Tbilisi airport arrival & departure to/from Tbilisi hotel by a comfortable A/C vehicle 
  • Private transportation with a comfortable Climate Controlled vehicle
  • 4 x 4 WD Jeep Delica to Ushguli-on day 9


Accommodation in the hotels:      

  • 3 x nights in Tbilisi 4* hotel Citrus (or similar)
  • 1 x night in Sighnaghi 3* hotel Brigitte (or similar)
  • 1 x night in Telavi 3* hotel Chateau Mere, Leni (or similar)
  • 2 x nights in Gudauri 4* hotel Gudauri Inn (or similar)
  • 1 x night in Kutaisi 3* hotel Green Rooms (or similar)
  • 2 x nights in Mestia 3* hotel Patrioti, Shgedi, Mountain Mestia (or similar)
  • 2 x nights in Batumi 3* hotel Bloom or Salvador (or similar)
  • 1 x overnight in Akhaltsikhe 4* hotel Akhaltsikhe Inn (or similar)
  • 1 x night in Vardzia Valodia's Cottage



  • 14 x Breakfasts-on days 2-15
  • 4 x Dinners-on days 5, 6, 8, 9, 13
  • 2 x bottles of water per person daily


Entertainment and other:

  • Excursions in accordance with the program 
  • Entrance fees in accordance with the program
  • All local taxes


  • Visa Fees (when needed) & travel insurance
  • Flight tickets
  • Early Check Ins/Late Check outs
  • Alcoholic beverages & meals


Group size Price per adult
Solo 5110 $
2 - 3 people 3110 $
4 - 5 people 2720 $
6 - 7 people 2290 $
8 - 9 people 2000 $
10 - 11 people 1930 $
12 - 13 people 1840 $
14 - 15 people 1860 $

The above prices (except for solo) are based on two people sharing a twin/double room accommodation.

There is additional fee for single room accomodation that you can select at checkout.

Child Policy
0-6 years - Free
7-12 years - 50%
12 years and above - Adult

*Online booking deposit will be deducted from the total tour price.

The balance can be paid in one of the following ways:

  • Bank transfer - in Euro/USD/GBP currency, no later than two weeks before the tour starts
  • VISA/Master card - in GEL (local currency) in Tbilisi only, before the tour starts, directly to your guide via POS terminal. Card service fee +3%
  • Cash - GEL only, directly to the nearest TBC Bank office or TBC Bank Cash terminal no later than the beginning of the tour.

For a larger group or custom itinerary please contact us at info[at]

Tips for booking procedure:

How to know which “Operator” to select?

You only need to select the Operator name if you have previously communicated with one of our sales agents via phone or email, otherwise please leave it at default.


More Info

More Info

To arrange airport transfers and pre-(post) tour hotel overnights, contact us info[at]

NOTE: Legal drinking age in Georgia is 18 years.

Dress code applies for visiting churches and monasteries

1 person from the group will be FREE of charge if 10 and more adults are traveling together

Cancellation is free of charge prior 7 days of the starting day.

  • The booking deposit 60 USD is non-refundable. 

If Tourist cancels the booked tour for some reasons not depending on Tour Operator, the following sums are kept back as a fine:

  • 50% of the total cost of tourist product in case of tour cancellation 7 days or less prior to the tour;
  • 100% of the total cost of the tourist product due to the Tourist's failure to appear.



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