How to get to Georgia

Access the brochure from National Tourism Administration with general important information on Georgia through this link.

Trip Planning

 ** Acquaint yourself with the history and geography of Georgia before you leave home. It will promote a better understanding of Georgians who claim to belong to one of the oldest races of the world.

 ** Accept the advice of Georgians relative to safe travel in their country. Changes in the former Soviet Republics occur so rapidly that no guide book can stay current with local events.

 ** Most important is to travel with an open mind and to respect the customs of your hosts – it will add enjoyment to your travel.

 ** Some churches and monasteries do not allow people in shorts and miniskirts to enter the site, so if you decide to visit churches and monasteries please wear trousers or skirts of moderate length, though women can find in the churches scarves that can be used as skirts.

 ** In Tbilisi you can find quite many people speaking several foreign languages but in regions you may have some difficulties in communicating people in English or other languages, so we advise you to look through our dictionary that you can find on our web-site in Useful Georgian Phrases.

 ** The only currency that is accepted everywhere in Georgia is Gel, though some hotels and restaurants accept  US Dollars or EUROS, Credit Cards are accepted in many places.
Visa requirements

Diplomatic, Service and Ordinary Visas:

Diplomatic missions and consular posts of Georgia abroad shall be of multi entries.

Ordinary visa shall be of multi entries. Two types of ordinary VISA are issued by the territorial offices of the Agency: 1. Multiple Ordinary VISA valid for 360 days; 2. Single Ordinary VISA valid trough 90 days.

    In cases determined by the Georgian legislation visa/entry permit for up 90 days (visa fee 50 GEL) or for 360 days (visa fee 100 GEL) can be issued by the Patrol Police of Georgia (sub-divisional institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) at border crossing points situated at the Georgian State Border.

The basis for the stay of a foreigner in Georgia is a visa or residence permit (permanent or temporary) if other is not provided by this law and international treaties of Georgia.