Georgia is the oldest wine region in the world. Archaeological excavations have uncovered that vine was first cultivated in at least 6000-8000 BC on the territory of Georgia.  From 4000 BC ancient Georgians were burying clay vessels (Qvevri) in which wine was stored and fermented. Qvevris come in every shape and size and this tradition of wine-making is still present in Georgia.

The territory and climate of Georgia are perfect for wine-production, as there are no extreme weather conditions. There are over 400 varieties of vine in Georgia, yet just 38 of them are grown for commercial purposes.

Around 150 million liters of wine are produced every year in Georgia, with 45 000 hectares of vineyards under cultivation. Among the best-known regions of Georgia where wine is created are Kakheti, Kartli, Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi .

Georgia positions second in grape cultivation in the former Soviet Union countries behind Moldova, and Georgian wines have dependably been the most highly prized in the Soviet space. Nowadays, the wine is produced by a huge number of small farmers (utilizing principally traditional ways of wine-production), and additionally modern wineries, for example, Teliani Valley, Telavis Marani, Tbilvino, Badagoni, House Mukhrani and etc.

In Georgian society and religion vine possesses a central position. It's very common in Georgia for families to grow their own grapes and produce wine. There is no feast that goes without wine and Tamada – Georgian toastmaster.  

UNESCO included the ancient traditional Georgian winemaking method using the Kvevri clay vessels to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

List of Georgian grape varieties:

Red grapes

  • Aladasturi (red)
  • Alexandrouli (Alexandreuli, Alexsandrouli)
  • Alexandria
  • Asuretuli
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Dzvelshava
  • Gibrita
  • Izabella
  • Mtevandidi
  • Mujuretuli
  • Ojaleshi
  • Saperavi
  • Tavkveri
  • Usakhelauri

White grapes

  • Chinuri
  • Khikhvi
  • Krakhuna
  • Manata
  • Mtsvane
  • Rkatsiteli
  • Tetra
  • Tsitska
  • Tsolikauri

Some of the best wine companies in Georgia:

Chateau Mukhrani, Kvareli Tunnel, Numisi, Pheasant's Tears, Shumi Winery, Twins Wine Cellar, Schuchmann Wines.

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