Georgian Holidays LLC is a destination management company that endorses the concept of sustainable and responsible tourism. We believe that tourism industries and travel activities should impact positively on both nature and society. Both tourists and local residents want to travel and live in a safe, clean and prosperous environment. Therefore, we think that all actors in tourism industry have to take their share of responsibility and necessary actions to achieve this win-win situation – make tourism sustainable and beneficial.

Our vision can be broken down into two major themes:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Social and Economic Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability includes whole range of practices that are aimed at protecting natural environments. We try to minimize our impact on environment by reduction of energy consumption, waste and carbon management, being aware of fire hazards and local fire regulations, as well as support and engagement in various conservation activities and projects.

We believe that Social and Economic Sustainability is equally important. Here, our principles and goals are to respect and preserve local customs and culture, to create fair and safe working conditions for everyone and to benefit local communities economically by employing them in tourist industry, to minimize negative impacts on local population from tourist activities, and to ensure that visitors are not violating the rules, norms and values of a particular community.

In short, these two themes are equally crucial and complementary. Endorsing such values and principles, we think, that sustainable tourism will positively impact on experiences of visitors on the one hand, and livelihoods of the local communities on the other.