About Attraction

Gonio Apsarus Archaeological-Architectural Museum Reserve was established in 1994 on the territory of 4,75 ha and is managed by Cultural Heritage Preservation Agency of Ajara

In the museum visitors can sightsee the ancient fortress complex - defensive walls of the most perfect stonework, remains of the monumental constructions of Roman and Early Byzantine periods, archaeological evidences of bathhouse water supply system, fragments of the caravansary of the 16th – 17th cc AD, late medieval clay baking ovens, etc.

Archaeological material discovered on the territory of the reserve is of various historical periods with the earliest samples dated by 8th – 7th cc BC and the latest – by the late 19th century.

Address: #55 Apsarosi highway, Gonio-Kvariati district, Batumi Municipality, Georgia

Working: 10:00 – 18:00 Every day, except Monday,

Ticket price: Adult - 3 GEL, schoolchildren and students - 1 GEL

Free of charge: Children less than 6 years of age, employees of museums, ICOM members, people with disabilities, soldiers, refugees.

Driving distance from Batumi Sheratom is 13 km; from Turkush border Sarp – 7 km; from Tbilisi Opera House – 380 km

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