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Officially known as Stepantsminda, but commonly still referred to as Kazbegi, it is a town in Caucasus mountains, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region of north-eastern Georgia, renowned as a popular balneological resort area. Stepantsminda town has a population of 1,326 (2014).

Stepantsminda means “Saint Stephan”- in honor of a local orthodox monk, who built here the hermitage. Former name Kazbegi comes from Soviet era. Local feudal magnate the Chopikashvili clan was controlling the area and supporting Russian troops in early 19th c. His son of Kazi-Beg adopted the surname Kazbegi. The religious name of town was inappropriate for Soviets, Stepantsminda was re-named as Kazbegi in 1925. Gabriel Chopikashvili-Kazbegi's grandson was the famous writer Alexander Kazbegi, who was born in this town and his statue is erected on the main square. In 2006, the town reverted to its original name of Stepantsminda.



The town is located along the banks of the river Tergi (Terek), which flows through Russia into the Caspian Sea. One of the most astonishing views in Georgia can be experienced from Gergeti Trinity Church, which overlooks the town and is surrounded by the high peaks of Caucasus Mountains. It is located 6 km from Stepantsminda at a height of 2200 m. on Mt. Gergeti, below Mt. Kazbegi.

Town has a local ethnographic museum that houses various artifacts related to Khevi region and culture.

Gveleti glacier, Two waterfalls in Gveleti and three tiny mountain lakes are located just in 7 km from the town. Passes are marked from Devdoraki summer camp and it is easy to reach (approximately 30 minutes upwards to the waterfalls).

Visit Kazbegi National Park by foot, by horses or ride the mountain bike.

Visitor center is located on the central street: Stepantsminda, Vazha-Pshavela str. N62 X - 470645 Y – 4722185

Juta is a small village, located in 20 km from Stepantsminda. It is one of the highest settlements in the region, 2200 meters above sea level. Zeta Camping is a hostel and campsite on top of the hill, near the village Juta. From here, visitors can enjoy beautiful views of Chaukhi Mountain.

Truso and Sno valleys are good trekking areas nearby Stapantsminda. Abano alpine lake is the reword of Trusso trek. Don't miss this wonderful alpine pasture while you are nearby.

Follow Dariali Gorge and after 14 km you reach Larsi there is Border crossing point to Russia - approximately 12 kilometers to the North to the Russian Federation. Nearest town is Vladikavkaz. Border is open 24 hours, multilateral customs, for all citizens of the world. The cross-border road is in a mountain tunnel. It is not possible to cross the border on foot.

Dariali Holy Mikhael and Gabriel monastery - The Monastery of the Holy Archangel Fathers will be one of the largest churches in Georgia Construction of a monastery complex in the Dariali Valley began in 2005 and will eventually include the construction of 12 temples. The monastery is perched on a rock slope overlooking the road from the opposite bank of the ruins of Tamar Castle.

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