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Vardzia Historical-Architectural Museum-Reserve

Visitor’s attention will be captivated by a grand complex of rock-cut marvelous monument of 1184-1186 constructed according to the pre-planned design comprising hundreds of large and small halls, the main cathedral adorned with fine frescoes of King George III of Georgia and his successor – Queen Tamar. Visit to the cave village of Ananuri, with the fresco of the King of Georgia Lasha-Giorgi, Queen Tamar’s heir, is also planned coupled with tours to the constant temperature spring pouring from the rock, a secret tunnel and many other sightseeing.

Working: every day 09:30-18:00

Dress code: required

Ticket price: 15 GEL for adults

Electric minibus service: 2 GEL

To book private tour, please, contact our travel expert here.

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