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The Gremi complex, a marvel of Georgian architecture, sits atop a hill east of the village of Gremi in the Kvareli municipality, about 150 kilometers from Tbilisi. Constructed by King Levan of Kakheti in 1565, it boasts a fascinating blend of traditional Georgian masonry and a local interpretation of contemporary Iranian architecture.

The complex includes the royal Church of the Archangels, a fortress, and a royal residential tower, forming a significant part of the Kakheti region's history. Originally the residence of the Kakheti Royal family in the 15th century, it spans over 50 hectares and showcases a mix of architectural styles from different periods.

One of the notable features is the Church complex, consisting of the Archangels Church, a three-story palace, a bell tower, and various outbuildings. This part of the city, enclosed by a fortified wall with towers, was largely self-sufficient and even had a secret stone passage to the Intsobi River.

The royal residence, with its palaces, fountain building, octagonal tower, and bathhouse, reflects the grandeur of the Kakheti kings. Additionally, the shopping area housed a rectangular indoor market and a hotel, providing essential amenities for residents and visitors alike.

A highlight of the complex is the royal Church of the Archangels, located within the village of Gremi itself. This architectural gem serves as a testament to the region's rich history and cultural heritage, attracting visitors from far and wide.

Experience the timeless allure of Gremi as you explore its ancient streets, marvel at its architectural wonders, and delve into centuries of Georgian history.

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