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Telavi is the capital of the region Kakheti. It is spread out over the foothills and along the wooded slopes of the Gombori Range. The city was first mentioned in the historical documents in the second century. It became the capital of Kakheti after Gremi was destroyed by the Persians in the 17th century. 

The city is located at the elevation of 550-880 meters above sea level. It covers 16,85 square kilometers. The population of Telavi is 19,629. The highest peak of Telavi Municipality is Tsivi (1991 meters). The main river – Alazani. 

The landscape of Telavi is scenic. The city is wrapped in picturesque landscapes from all sides. Telavi is located between the Tsiv-Gombori Range and the Alazani Valley. One will enjoy the view of The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range from Telavi.

The main historical and cultural monument around Telavi is the Tsinandali Garden which was the Palace of Lord Chavchavadzes family; Batonis Tsikhe (Fortress of Master) and “Dzveli Galavani” (Old Walls) were fortified royal residences built in the 17th and 10-11th centuries respectively. Korchibashishvilebis and Vakhvakhishvilebis Castles (18th century) were owned by the local lords; The Alaverdi Cathedral, built in the 11th century. It used to be the highest cathedral in Georgia before Tbilisi Sameba Cathedral was constructed; The Ikalto Academy (8-12th centuries AD), the Church of St. George, Shuamta - a complex made up of Old and New Shuamta Monasteries. In the vicinity of Telavi there is Lopota Lake Resort. It was founded as a small family hotel, but nowadays it is represented with 186 spacious rooms, sauna, steam rooms, jacuzzi, basketball and volleyball courts, outdoor and indoor pools, horse-riding area, outdoor bungalows and bars, restaurants.

In the territory of the city, there is an airportMimino,” which is named after the famous Kakhetian King Erekle the Second. The city has a railway as well. The visitor can see the drama theater, where the spectators saw the first performances at the end of the 18th century; historical and ethnographic museum (1927), art and music college (1919), state university, which is considered as a successor of Ikalto Academy. Officially it was established in 1939; Libraries, tennis courts, Nadikvari park.

In the center of Telavi one will find bronze equestrian statue of the King Erekle II mounted on a horse and holding a sword. 8.5 meters high sculpture was made by Merab Merabishvili in 1971. Nearby, there is a 900-year-old sycamore, which is 45 meters high and 12 meters around the tree.

The main economic income of the city is related to wine and other agriculture businesses. There are four wine factories, also factories which make the parquet and the furniture. 

Today, Telavi is connected with Tbilisi by two highways. The most popular (and better-paved) highway runs through the villages of Kakheti and is longer than the road, which goes through the highlands of the Gombori Mountain Range. The shorter route is characterized by spectacular views but is less comfortable

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Telavi has several interesting historical-architectural and cultural monuments in its surroundings, such as Batonistsikhe (Fortress of the Master), Shumi, Ikalto Academy, Alaverdi Cathedral, TsinandaliGremi, Nekresi, Winery Elizbar, etc.