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Only about one hour drive away from the capital, Uplistsikhe is located 7 km southeast from Gori, in Shida Kartli region.

Uplistsikhe, literally means "the lord's fortress" in Georgian, the city carved in caves has maintained its importance through the thousands of years: in antiquity, the cave city was one of the most important centers of Kartli region; It was home to one of the strongest communities, residing on this territory who used the natural caves for dwellings, Uplistsikhe became one of the strongest political, cultural, religious and economic centers and the royal residence.

In 10th-16th centuries B.C.  In the Middle Ages it stood on an important trade route that linked Byzantium with India and China. The town began its decline during Mongol invasions in the 13th century, it was harshly damaged and destroyed shortly after by Genghis Khan. The five thousand inhabitants of Uplistsikhe perished and life ended forever in the fortress.

Today various kinds of remained halls, rooms, and hallways let the visitors picture and reflect on its  ancient majesty. The visitors can access long meandering corridor-streets, chambers for pagan worship and even the remains of Georgia's oldest theater.

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