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Uplistsikhe Cave City

The word Uplistsikhe translates as "the lord's fortress" from Georgian. It represents an ancient cave city complex carved in the sandstone massive, south slopes of Kvernaki Mountain Range, near the village Uplistsikhe.

Uplistsikhe is one of the oldest cave settlements in Georgia, daring back to the 2nd millennium BC. Nowadays site still amazes visitors with its beautiful caves carved in the cliffs, its extraordinary positioning and charming views.

The cave town occupies about 9,5 hectares. The main part was unearthed in 1956-th and can be broken down into three main districts. It has a component of a typical ancient urban settlement, such as multiple entrances, defensive walls, various water systems, main streets, stables, storages, wine cellars, marketplaces and a theater. Complex has multiple prayers on its territory, as well as numerous different dwellings, building, backyards, streets, jails, winepress, tunnels, bread bakery, pharmacy.

Cave city Uplistsikhe had crucial strategic location and became one of the region's strongest political, cultural, economic and religious centers in pre-Christian times. City of Temples and Worship maintained its status for many centuries, from the 10th century BC, until the first unification of the Kingdom of Georgia in 5th c. Its first downfall started from the 1-st century, when paganism changed into Christianity, and especially declined, in middle ages, after the Mongol Invasion in the 13th century. In late medieval period, Uplistsikhe was fully abandoned. Several earthquakes ruined two-third of caves, damaged halls used to become a shelter for cattle from surrounding villages, from time to time, during the wars as well.

Small museum is attached to the complex. Don’t skip to watch nice 7 minutes movie about the site there.

Mtkvari river valley and green park around is good reason to get your picnic in nature.

Driving distance: from Gori is 14.6 km (22 min), from Tbilisi- 103 km (1 hr. 21 min)

Working: 09:00-18:00 every day

Admission: 15 GEL; guide service 45 GEL

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