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Tsalka is a center of Tsalka Municipality. It is situated in Khemo Kartli region, on the Tsalka Plateau, on the bank of the Tsalka water reservoir and the river Khrami, at an elevation of 1460 meters above sea level. it used to be a religious and political center of Trialeti in the 10th-15th centuries. Tsalka received the status of the city in 1984. 2326 people are living in Tsalka (as of the year 2014).

The largest water reservoir in Georgia – Tsalka water reservoir – covers 33,7 square kilometers. The maximum depth is 25 meters. It was created for energy purposes in the Khrami River Gorge in 1946. Not far from the water reservoir there are Khadiki Lake (maximum depth – 1,6 meters, the size – 0.14 square kilometers), Santi Lake (maximum depth – 4,2 meters, the size – 0,20 square kilometers), Bareti Lake (maximum depth – 1,3 meters, the size – 1,24 square kilometers).

Dashbash Canyon Natural Monument is carved by the river Khrami. The total area of the natural monument is 669 hectares. There are several waterfalls in Dashbashi Canyon Natural Monument.

There are 2 churches in the village Dashbash: St. George Chruch, built in the 10th-11th century and a ruined Virgin Mary Church, constructed in the 19th century. Another Virgin Mary Church is located in the village Aiazma, which dates back to the 6th-7th century. Aia Constantine’s Church is a medieval hall church, which is surrounded by the megalithic stones. The church is located in the village Tejisi.

Avranlo Megalithic Fortress was founded in the first millennium BC. The fortress locks the exit between the mountains. The castle includes the citadel, small yards and small terraces.

The main income of the population is related to the agriculture (animal husbandry and potato planting), power industry, trade. Marabda-Akhalkalaki Railway Line is going through Tsalka Municipality. There is a cheese factory “Santa” in the village Santa at an elevation of 1700 meters above sea level. The founder and the owner of the company Darejan Kanteladze started business in an abandoned village. Nowadays the factory produces several types of cheese.

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