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Khevi (historical name Tsanareti Khevi) is high mountain region in Kazbegi municipality and borders with Russia from North and Khevsureti from East. The administrative center of Khevi is Stepantsminda, a town that lies along the banks of the river Tergi, under the high peak of Kazbegi glacier. It is possible to reach Khevi and Stepantsminda by the Georgian Military Road through Jvari Pass or through Dariali canyon, Larsi border from North Ossetia republic.

There are different sites to visit in Khevi area:

Famous picturesque Gergeti Trinity Church is located on the top of Mount Gergeti, overlooking Stepantsminda. From there, visitors can enjoy views of Mount Kazbegi (5054 m) as well.

Village Juta is situated in 20 kilometers from Stepantsminda. This is a starting point for a popular trek going to Chaukhi Mountain and Abudelauri Lakes.

Another popular attraction near Stepantsminda is Gveleti Waterfalls, located in Dariali Gorge near Devdoraki climbing natural wall. Kazbegi National Park, Trusso and Juta Canyons, Garbani St. George church, 10th c basilica in the village Sioni, Truso church dedicated to St. Archangels, Dariali monastery, Tamar’s fort in Dariali canyon, fortresses in Sno and Arsha - all are part of Khevi.

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