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Chateau Khashmi

Hotel and Winery Chateau Khashmi serves as a gateway to one of the local wine routes, nestled near Tbilisi in the village of Khashmi, Sagarejo municipality. The hotel takes its name from the distinguished Georgian grape variety "Saperavi of Khashmi," renowned as the hallmark of Kakheti, the eastern region and a cherished gem of Georgian winemaking.

At Chateau Khashmi, guests are greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a comfortable retreat. The restaurant invites you to indulge in both Georgian traditional and European cuisine, where chef expertly crafts culinary masterpieces using local traditions, natural ingredients, and unique Chateau Khashmi wines.

Experience unforgettable moments with culinary masterclasses and wine tasting offered at Winery Chateau Khashmi. Guests can explore family cellar, sample homemade wine range crafted through traditional methods and uncover the secrets of Georgian winemaking.

Discover the delights of our culinary masterclasses with the menu offerings:

  • Mtsvadi - (B-B-Q)
  • Khinkali- (dumplings)
  • Baking Khachapuri- (a cheese pie like a pizza)
  • Baking Bread Shoti in a “Tone”
  • Making Churchkhela - (a local sugar-free candy based on grape juice and nuts)
  • Distillation and Degustation of Chacha- (drink consisting high alcohol)
  • Qvevri Opening ceremony and Wine Degustation - (underground clay vessel for fermenting and storing wine)

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