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Machakhela National Park

Machakhela National Park is located in Khelvachauri municipality, Autonomous Republic of Adjara. Administration Building and visitor center are situated in village Acharisagmarti.

Machakhela itself is a relatively small trans-boundary river between Georgia and Turkey. The valley is home of the unique variety of relic and endemic plants. 10,868 ha of Machakhela valley is covered by forests, 75 % of the territory is virgin forests. Most of the territory of the valley is occupied by the Colchis type mixed forests with domination of beech. Dominant species are beech, chestnut, oak, spruce, etc. Among woody plants there are 13 species enlisted in the Red Book of Georgia. Around 200 species of vertebrates (mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish) are found on the proposed territory.

National Park is special for its historical and cultural monuments: arch bridges, fortresses and wine presses from different historical periods. There are 2 easy, driving roads integrated with pedestrian trails. Tourist routes can offer visitors to see alder groves, beech and chestnut forests. From “Mtavarangelozi” mountain visitors can enjoy the spectacular view of Batumi, river Machakhela gorge and delta of river and Black sea.

Trail #1. Archangel’s Mountain Path consists of a 5 km driving road and a 4.1 km pedestrian trail. The first one is located between the two villages; the second one goes through beech and chestnut forests and reaches Archangel’s Mountain. From here, one will enjoy the view of Batumi, Machakhela National Park and Chorokhi River valley. Visitors can sightsee two waterfalls at the national park – one 15.7 and another 50 meters high. The total length of the trek is 9.1 kilometers.

Trail #2. Kokoleti trek starts at the visitor center. The length of the trek is 15 km, which goes through a Colchic deciduous-coniferous forest.

Trail #3. Twin Waterfalls path starts at the visitor center as well. After driving on the road for 10.3 kilometers, one should cover the rest of the distance (300 meters) on foot. Eventually, visitors can enjoy the views over the villages of Machakhela valley. There is an old cannon from World War II, in 400 meters from the visitor center. One will also see Tamari’s arch bridge dated back to the 12th century. There are two waterfalls of 47 meters of height at the end of the trek.

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