About Attraction

Magalaant Church Complex (Magalaantkari) is a medieval monument of Georgian church architecture. Complex is located on the left bank of river Kavtura, in 2,5 km from village Tsinarekhi, Kaspi municipality, Inner Kartli province. This historical monument is connected to the noble family of Magaladze, who owned the complex and its surrounding lands since the 15th century.

Magalaantkari integrates Magalaant Church, two belfries, defensive wall, pharmacy, ruins of defensive towers.

Magalaant church is dated to the 12th century. Structure is built by sandstone and is decorated with remarkable stone ornaments.

Belltower of Solomon Magaladze was built in 1716. Another belfry of Papua Magaladze is older, dated to the 16th-17th c.c.

Defensive tower that overlooks the entire complex was built in 1679, also by Papua Magaladze. Pharmacy is located to the south-west from the tower. Structure was built by stone and remains significantly damaged.

Magalaant Church Complex is unique for its beautiful carving and unusual masonry.

Entrance: free of charge
Dress code: required

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