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Qvevri Wine Tour

Qvevri Wine Tour

From: 111 €

Exclusive Wine Tour to Kakheti 3 Days

Exclusive Wine Tour to Kakheti 3 Days

From: 550 €

7 Day Tusheti Trekking

7 Day Tusheti Trekking

From: 537 €

8 Day Omalo - Shatili Trekking

8 Day Omalo - Shatili Trekking

From: 776 €


{"en":"Old and New Shuamta","de":"Altes und neues Schuamta"}

Old and New Shuamta

Early feudal architectural masterpieces Old and New Shuamta Monasteries are hidden in deciduous forest, near Telavi, Kakheti region.

{"en":"Jakeli Wines","de":"Dschakeli Weine"}

Jakeli Wines

Jakeli Organic Vineyard and Wines is a family-owned company in Telavi, village Vardisubani, and produces four types of Georgian wines.

{"en":"Elizbar 1918","de":"Elisbar 1918"}

Elizbar 1918

Boutique hotel and winery Marani Elizbar 1918 in Kisiskhevi village is 7 km away from Telavi town, Georgia. The estate was built by David, the grandson of nobleman and winemaker Elizbar Turkestanishvili.

{"en":"Bardanashvili's Marani","de":"Bardanaschwili's Marani"}

Bardanashvili's Marani

Bardanashvili's Marani is a small family-owned wine cellar located in Kakheti, in village Vardisubani, just next to town Telavi. Winery is producing natural Qvevri wines.

{"en":"Chateau Mosmieri  Resort","de":"Chateau Mosmieri Resort"}

Chateau Mosmieri Resort

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, Chateau Mosmieri resort can be a perfect choice. Chateau Mosmieri is located near town Telavi, at the heart of major wine-producing region of Georgia, Kakheti.

{"en":"Hotel & Wine Cellar ARGE","de":"Arge Hotel und Weinkeller ARGE"}

Hotel & Wine Cellar ARGE

Hotel & Wine Cellar ARGE is located 3 km from Telavi, at the heart of the major wine-making region Kakheti.

{"en":"Batonis Tsikhe","de":"Batonis Ziche"}

Batonis Tsikhe

Batonis Tsikhe, translated as The Master’s Fortress, was the residence of Kakheti Kings in the town Telavi, East Georgia. Today the fort houses a history museum.



Telavi town, the administrative center of wine-making region of Kakheti, is the main city in Eastern Georgia.

{"en":"Ikalto Monastery","de":"Ikalto Kloster"}

Ikalto Monastery

Ikalto Monastery, located 8 km west of the town of Telavi, was founded in the 6th c. Classic Academy was founded here in 12th c.