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Wine Yard N1

Wine Yard N1 offers a quintessential family-style experience nestled in the picturesque village of Akhalsopeli, within the Kvareli municipality of the Kakheti region, just 19 km from the town of Kvareli. Situated in the micro-zone of Kindzmarauli and on the historic grounds of Old Gavazi village, our location boasts proximity to the 6th-century Dzveli Gavazi church, located less than a kilometer away.

Embracing the essence of wine, agro, gastro, eco, and ethno tourism, Wine Yard N1 encompasses a three-generations-old wine cellar, house, and yard.

Experience the traditional Kakheti way of life, including the celebrated tradition of supra, where a toastmaster leads the feast. Sample Georgian Qvevri wines crafted using age-old methods, savor homemade cuisine, and delve into local folklore, agriculture, and traditions.

Guests of Wine Yard N1 can explore the historic wine cellar, operational for three generations, and draw wine directly from a traditional qvevri, immersing themselves in its rich flavors.

Participate in the distillation of chacha, a traditional Georgian alcoholic beverage made from grape pomace. Join us for the seasonal grape harvest event known as Rtveli (late September to mid-October). Engage in activities such as churchkhela making, bread baking, cooking classes, horseback riding, visits to a trout farm, fishing, picnics in the valley, and other agricultural pursuits.

Relax and unwind amidst the beauty of the garden, adorned with a variety of flowers, roses, and fruit trees. Take in breathtaking views of the Greater Caucasus Range from the balcony of the two-story house.

Indulge in the flavors of famous East- Georgian - Kakheti cuisine, prepared using only natural and local ingredients.

Operating hours: Daily; advance booking is essential.

Driving distances: 154 km (2 h 30 min) from Tbilisi, 53 km (48 min) from Telavi, 57 km (49 min) from Sighnaghi, and 17.5 km (19 min) from Kvareli.

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