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Sevsamora Winery

The winery's name, Sevsamora, holds a rich historical significance tied to its location. The tale traces back to the Ancient Greek historian and geographer Strabo, who mentions a fortress town called Sevsamora along the right bank of the Aragvi River, positioned on the trade route south of Mtskheta. It's speculated that Sevsamora could have been an iteration of the Georgian toponym Tsitsamuri, which is the present-day name of the village.

Sevsamora Winery has been making its mark since its establishment in 2015. In 2018, the winery celebrated its inaugural vintage, producing 20,000 bottles encompassing 7 types of wine using traditional methods in Qvevri. The subsequent year, 2019, marked the initiation of classical and Qvevri bio wine production. Responding to the surging demand for Qvevri wines in 2020, production surged to 45,000 bottles, with 25% crafted using bio-organic methods. Presently, Marani Sevsamora crafts 16 distinct wine varieties using both traditional and classical approaches.

Spanning over 8 hectares, Marani Sevsamora owns vineyards, with 4 hectares dedicated to bio-wine production adhering to Bio-Wine growing and Bio-Wine making standards. Their practice in bio-vineyards revolves around organic farming, employing solely organic bio preparations and fertilizers. Each hectare is meticulously cultivated manually, nurturing grape varieties like Saperavi, Kisi, Khikhvi, Chinuri, Mtsvane, Tavkveri, Shavkapito, alongside rarities such as Buza, Simonaseuli, Cabernet Franc, Danakharuli, and Asuretuli Shavi.

Sevsamora Winery is outfitted with state-of-the-art Bucher Vaslin technology, harmonizing modern and traditional winemaking techniques to yield premium, high-quality wines. With a focus on Qvevri and classical wine storage, the winery plans to scale up production to meet the rising demand for Qvevri wines, aiming for a production output of 45,000 bottles.

The winery invites visitors to explore its wine museum, offering tastings of local wines amidst demo vineyards showcasing endemic grape varieties. Adjacent to the vineyards lies an Ethno corner, a special recreational zone hosting traditional masterclasses. Guests are welcomed to conference halls, the wine cellar, and the wine salon, where they can delve into local wines, production methods, and indulge in tasting premium wines.

Nestled within captivating surroundings, Sevsamora Resort & Spa is a 4-star hotel boasting breathtaking views, serene ambiance, and vibrant spaces. Spread across 6 floors, the hotel features 33 cozy rooms, a fully equipped conference room, and an inviting lobby, promising a rejuvenating stay for every guest.

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