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Nika Vacheishvili Cellar

"I created this stream bed," proclaims an inscription attributed to King Bagrat IV on the wall of Ateni Sioni, indicating the aqueduct system constructed to irrigate the gorge during his reign from 1018 to 1072.

Situated in one of the oldest traditional wine terroirs, the vineyards of Ateni are renowned for producing "Atenuri" wine, unique to this microzone. Praised in medieval literature as "the wine of the kings," superior to all others, Atenuri has earned a reputation for its nobility. The Ateni microzone has been under royal ownership since the 10th century, dedicated exclusively to vineyards by the central government.

In 2013, Nika Vacheishvili planted vineyards near the village of Ateni in the Gori District of Shida Kartli. The path to the cellar winds past the historic Ateni Sioni Temple, which Nika constructed using locally sourced Atenian limestone. This natural material helps maintain a consistent temperature inside the cellar, warm in winter and cool in summer. Spread across 3.5 hectares, the Chinebuli, Goruli Mtsvane, and Tavkveri vineyards are cultivated using traditional methods. While a small portion of the wine is sold in natural wine shops in Tbilisi, the majority is available for purchase locally at the farm.

Nika Vacheishvili's vision is to showcase Ateni as a unique destination that bridges the gap between historical landmarks, traditions, and the future. The farm aims to attract visitors to Georgia to experience its natural flavors, aromatic history, and production processes firsthand, rather than seeking wine tourism abroad.

In addition to wine production, the farm has revived old agrarian practices, now offering five types of goat cheese and honey. A highlight is the melted cheese aged in wine and honey.

Discover the beauty of Ateni, indulge in organic cuisine, and savor delicious Georgian wines during your visit!

Nika Vacheishvili’s Marani offers:

  • Wine cellar acquaintance tour;
  • Distinctive, high-quality wine;
  • Wine and cherry tincture tasting.- Atenuri, Chinuri, Tavkveri, and cherry tincture made under Ateni’s blazing sunlight.
  • Delicious dinner from organic products on the terrace with amazing views;


  • Bread baking master class in a bakery
  • Khachapuri preparation master class
  • Churchkheli care master class

Nika Vacheishvili's Wines:

  1. Roze Khidistavuri
  2. Tavkveri
  3. Koshkebis Chinuri
  4. Atenuri

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