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Mta-Tusheti Tentative world heritage site

Mta-Tusheti is a small historical province, located in the mountainous parts of East Georgia. This remote area is notable for its extraordinary alpine nature, endemic plants and animals, as well as unique ethno-cultural peculiarities of the local sub-ethnic group Tushetians (or Tushs).

Mta-Tusheti is situated on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, northeast Georgia, in the basin of the river Andi Koysu and, particularly, its two major sources – Pirikita and Tusheti Alazani. This region is arguably the most remote, even among the most mountainous and inaccessible provinces of Georgia – the only road leading to Tusheti from Kakheti is unpassable during the big part of the year, from autumn till spring. Tusheti area is located from 1650 to 4500 meters above the sea level. Major rural settlements are: Omalo (1880 m, administrative center of the region), Diklo (2140 m), Bochorna (2345 m), Chigho (2140 m), Shenako (2080 m), Dartlo (2000 m). These villages are notable not only for their geography, but also their ethnic and cultural uniqueness, and mainly, for their distinctive architecture – medieval towers and fortified residential buildings.

Region is noteworthy also for its beautiful nature – different pine and birch forest belts, grasslands, high mountain and alpine meadows. Tusheti has rich fauna, with many unique and endemic species, most of which are under threat as a result of long history of continuous hunting: deer, chamois, lynx, wolf, wild cat, wild boar etc. Nowadays, 113000 hectares of area in Tusheti is protected under the Tusheti Protected Areas.

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