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Nika Vacheishvili Winery

Nika Vacheishvili Winery cherishes centuries-old agricultural and cultural legacies in the Ateni Gorge region, a mere 90 km from Tbilisi. This haven boasts exceptional wines, a cozy hotel, and stunning natural surroundings. Crafting a limited quantity of high-quality, traditional wines from their vineyards, the winery is en route to Ateni’s Sioni temple. oni

Established in 2013, Nika Vacheishvili planted the Ateni vineyard. Subsequently, a 6-room guesthouse was constructed, and in 2016, the farm expanded, adding a comfortable 19-room hotel.

Nestled in Shida Kartli, near Gori, the beautiful hotel complex and cellar are a brief stroll from the magnificent Ateni’s Sioni temple, offering a breathtaking setting with ancient vineyard terraces and gardens.

The path leading to the cellar promises a unique and memorable experience. The traditional-styled cellar and cozy hotel boast modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay.

The hotel’s second floor seamlessly blends modern aesthetics and antique elements, crafted by architect Diana Bolotashvili, Mr. Nika's wife and business partner.

Visitors can engage in various activities like exploring rocky vineyards, wine tastings, souvenir crafting with mineral paints, archery, spear-throwing, or rock climbing.

Nika Vacheishvili’s ethos is to showcase Ateni, encouraging visitors to learn about local honey and wine production rather than seeking experiences elsewhere.

Beyond wines, the farm hosts 30 goats, 10 sheep, and beehives, producing goat cheese and honey. Different cheeses are made using varied techniques, including one aged in local wine and honey.

This year marked the first baking of bread, using homemade yeast from Matchari, an unfermented young wine derived from grape sweetness. Visitors can partake in master classes like bread baking, Khachapuri and Churchkhela making, or enjoy traditional Georgian songs during dinner.

The ethos revolves around restoring traditions while embracing the history of old agrarian culture, modern life, and the future.

The surroundings offer ample opportunities for hiking:

  • Tour to the vineyard - "Tana Valley Cultural Landscape" - the oldest terraces, 5th century St. Nino's church, old irrigation systems, rocks, which gives Atenian wine a unique taste.
  • Visiting the "Vineyard of the Rocks", a small geological exhibition "Minerals and Wine" in the vineyard, as well as "Tana Valley - the artery of civilization" and toasting with Ateni Toni bread and Nazuki biscuits.

Nika Vacheishvili’s Marani offers:

  • Wine cellar acquaintance tour;
  • Distinctive, high-quality wine;
  • Delicious dinner from organic products on the terrace with amazing views;

Wine tasting and snacks:

  • Wine and cherry tincture tasting.
  • Atenuri, Chinuri, Tavkveri, and cherry tincture made under Ateni’s blazing sunlight.

Tasting and lunch:

  • Shoti bread making;
  • Cheese platter (3 types of Georgian cheese)
  • Salad (seasonal vegetables and lettuce);
  • Lobio baked in Tone in vessel pots (beans);
  • Eggplant with walnuts;
  • Phkhali from local plants (seasonal);
  • Mtsvadi (Stewed meat barbecue);
  • Special offer: pumpkin and mushroom soup (seasonal);
  • Spring water;
  • Dessert - fruit salad;

Additional offers:

  • Live performance of traditional Georgian polyphonic singing during dinner.
  • Walking tours to vineyards.

Visit to the cellar, sightseeing and tasting of three types of wine

  • Delicious dinner with Athenian wine
  • Free time with traditional sports equipment (optional) shooting bows and arrows, sharpening spears, making symbolic souvenirs with mineral paint.
  • Dessert Athena - local or city nuggar.

Master classes:

  • Bread baking master class in a bakery
  • Khachapuri preparation master class
  • Churchkhela care master class

Nika Vacheishvili Cellar Wines:

  • "ხიდისთავური" როზე - Khidistavuri Rosé
  • "თავკვერი" - Takveri
  • "კოშკების ჩინური" – Koshkebis Chinuri
  • "ატენური წარჩინებული" – Atenuri

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