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Nika Vacheishvili Cellar

"Nika Vacheishvili Cellar" preserves the centuries-old agricultural and cultural traditions of Ateni gorge region. Just 90 km from Tbilisi home of excellent wine, a cozy hotel, and unique nature is found. They produce several types of traditional, naturally made wine with small quantity but high-quality grapes grown on its own vineyards. The temple of Ateni’s Sioni is on the way to the cellar.

"Nika Vacheishvili Cellar" presents Atenian wine as a cultural phenomenon;

Nika Vacheishvili planted a cellar in Ateni in 2013. This was followed by the construction of a small, 6-room guesthouse in 2016, which has since expanded and the hotel now has 19 rooms.

Nika Vacheishvili's beautiful hotel complex and cellar located in Shida Kartli region, close to city Gori, 10 minutes walk away from the magnificent temple of Ateni’s Sioni, in the remarkable historic winemaking location, breathtaking setting with old vineyard terraces and gardens.

The road to the cellar is a guaranteed unique experience that will fascinate the guests and leave great memories to reminisce. Built-in the traditional old-fashioned way, the cellar and a small, but cozy hotel are equipped with modern conveniences including WC, bathroom, hot and cold water.

In the yard, there are two "Panchaturi” arranged according to the ethnographic color. Guests can relax in the "chairs" made of hay, taste the praiseworthy Atenian wines and smell the aroma of its bouquet.

There is also a fireplace set on the host and the sound of firewood can be heard during the cold days.

If you know the price of closeness to nature, if you are looking for a place that will enrich your impressions, if you love natural products and want to taste a special wine, - you should definitely visit this place.

On the second floor of the complex is a hotel, where very nice modern aesthetics and antique items blend harmoniously with each other. The author of the tasteful design here is Mr. Nikas’ the architect's wife, Mrs. Diana Bolotashvili, who also manages this family business during the tourist season.

They provide varied and interesting hospitality to tourists. Visiting the rocky vineyards, terraces, tasting three types of wine, extended dinner with the participation of guests or making symbolic souvenirs with mineral paint and ending with shooting at a bow and arrow, spear-throwing, or climbing a natural rock. 

The host, Mr. Nika invites guests to the cellar, where they feel that the cellar is an important part of the family. The aroma of the best Atenian wines in the Vacheishvili Cellar creates a unified harmony and the interest in tasting intensifies by itself.

The host tells to the guests with pride that this magnificent cellar was built of Atenian limestone. The locals say that the cellar built of cement cannot keep constant temperature. Pure wine reacts to temperature variability and spoils because the building becomes too hot or, conversely, cold. The temperature in limestone buildings is stable. It is warm in winter and cool in summer.

They squeeze the grapes in the winepress. In the winepress, they pour and store traditional Georgian wine in glass jars. Then put it in bottles.

According to Vacheishvili, Chinebuli, Goruli Mtsvani, and Tavkveri vineyards are cultivated on an area of 3.5 hectares, and wine is made using the traditional method. Very little of the wine produced on the farm is sold in natural wine shops in Tbilisi, while the rest is sold locally on the farm.

Nika Vacheishvili’s philosophy is to present Ateni. Therefore their effort is that their honey and wine not to start traveling elsewhere, but on the contrary, foreign and local tourists have come here to get learn its history and see the production process.

Everything here is beautiful and delicious!

Except wine, in the Nika Vacheishvili’s complex goat cheese is produced, as well as honey. All products they offer to the guests are from local farm. According to a host, they buy raw materials needed for cheese production - cattle milk and produces goat's milk on its own farm. They have 4-5 types of cheese made with different technologies. For example, they produce melted cheese, which is aged in wine and honey. 

NikaVacheishvili’s wine cellar concept is a program of connecting historical traditions and the future. This is the restoration of tradition with the history of old agrarian culture.

An interesting sight awaits you while visiting Ateni!

Tour to the vineyard - "Tana Valley Cultural Landscape" - the oldest terraces, 5th century St. Nino's church, old irrigation systems, rocks, which gives Atenian wine a unique taste.

Visiting the "Vineyard of the Rocks", a small geological exhibition "Minerals and Wine" in the vineyard, as well as "Tana Valley - the artery of civilization" and toasting with Ateni Toni bread and Nazuki biscuits. 

The location of the vineyards is historically known as one of the oldest traditional wine terroirs and the only microzone where “Atenuri” wine originates from. Atenuri has been praised in medieval literature and has gained its fame as “the wine of the kings”, “better than any other” and “the noble” wine. It is to be noted that the Atenimicro zone was royal property since 10th century and was specifically used for vineyards by the central government. (The inscription citing King Bagrat IV on the wall of the Ateni Sioni says “I have created this stream bed”, implying the aqueduct system constructed for irrigation of the gorge during his reign). 

Around the complex, there are many interesting places for hiking. 

Wine lovers and not only has to visit the cellar and taste the amazing wine. Learn a lot from the history of the country, along with wine in an authentic environment.


It is also possible to order additional offers: traditional Georgian song for dinner, sightseeing of the vineyard.