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Paravani Lake

The largest lake of Georgia, Paravani Lake is situated at an altitude of 2070 meters above sea level in Ninotsminda Municipality, Samtskhe-Javakheti region. The lake mirror area is 37.5 square kilometers and the maximum depth, surprisingly, just 3.3 meters. During October and November the level of the water is the lowest, while the opposite is true about May and June. Water gets frozen during winter. Paravani Lake gets its waters from different sources, such as small rivers Shaori, Rodionovskis Tskali and Sabadostskali, but also from underground springs, rain and snow. Paravani Lake is rich in fish. Several villages are situated around the Paravani Lake.

The main sites to visit around Paravani Lake are Javakheti National Park, Phoka Monastery and Ninotsminda Town.


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