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Paravani Lake

Paravani Lake, the largest lake in Georgia, is perched at an elevation of 2070 meters above sea level in Ninotsminda Municipality, Samtskhe-Javakheti region. Covering an expansive area of 37.5 square kilometers, the lake surprisingly reaches a maximum depth of just 3.3 meters. Notably, the water level experiences fluctuations, with the lowest levels in October and November, and the highest in May and June. During the winter months, the lake surface freezes.

Paravani Lake is fed by various sources, including small rivers such as Shaori, Rodionovskis Tskali, and Sabadostskali, as well as underground springs, rain, and snow. The lake boasts a rich aquatic life, making it a haven for fish. Surrounding the lake, several villages contribute to the vibrant landscape of Paravani Lake.

The main sites to visit around Paravani Lake are Javakheti National Park, Phoka Monastery and Ninotsminda Town.

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