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Dzama Fortress

Dzama Fortress and monastery Mdzovreti is located in the gorge of river Dzama, near village Ortubani, Kareli municipality, Inner Kartli region, East Georgia.

Mdzovreti is a name of a historical medieval town located here, which used to be one of the important political and economic centers of Kartli kingdom. Mdzovreti was the residence of local feudal – noble family of Panaskerteli (later Tsitsishvili), who ruled DzamisKhevi – the Dzama gorge area since the 14th century.

Dzama Fortress is located on an elevated cliff, surrounded by forested mountains from one side, and deep gorges from the other. Fortification structures are built during different periods, from early medieval till late medieval times.

Architectural complex of Mdzovreti has several well-preserved structures from the 17th century: a fortress church, palace of the Tsitsishvili house, defensive tower and belfry.

Complex has been renovated in the modern times. Since 2008, there is a functiOning Mdzovreti Monastery here. Since then monks established three new churches and a library.

Driving distance: from Tbilisi is 123 km (1 hr 56 min ); from Gori 43.6 km (58 min)

Dress code: required

Admission: is limited during the liturgy

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