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The archaeological site of Dzalisi is located in Inner Kartli, 18 km from village Dzalisi, on Mukhrani valley, Mtskheta Municipality. Archaeological excavations in the 1970s and 1980s discovered various monuments from the antique period: temples, palaces, private and public bathhouses, pools, and other buildings.

Excavations in Dzalisi took off in 1972-1977. Findings are dated back from the 2nd century BC to the 8th century AD. There were several buildings discovered by the archaeologists.

Temple discovered in Dzalisi, connected to the ancient Kingdom of Iberia, has a unique mosaic floor, depicting the figures from Greek mythology – princess Ariadne and the god of winemaking and fertility Dionysus. Mosaic is dated to the 2nd-3rd c.c. AD.

Palace is the largest of all buildings discovered in Dzalisi, consisting of up to thirty different rooms, and backyard with fountain.

The apsidal structure located to the south of the castle must have been built for administrative purposes.

The bathhouse of Dzalisi is located next to the palace. The design resembles Roman baths, with hot, warm, and cold-water sections.

The swimming pool of Dzalisi is a unique structure discovered in the territory of Georgia. It was connected to the bathhouse and is estimated to be built in II-III c.c. AD.

The public bathhouse located at the center of the complex is dated to the II-IV c.c. AD.

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