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Royal Khvanchkara Wine Company

The western region of Georgia, Racha, holds a special place in the country's viticultural history. Winemaking in Racha revolves around the distinguished grape varieties Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli, which are used to produce one of Georgia's most renowned red semi-sweet wines, Khvanchkara.

The company Royal Khvanchkara, established in 2015, carries on the legacy of Rachian winemaking that dates back to the 1870s when local nobles Konstantine and Kaikhosro Kipiani began producing the legendary Kipiani Wine from Aleksandrouli grapes. After years of refinement, Kipiani Wine gained international recognition, winning the Grand Prix at an exhibition in Ostend, Belgium in 1907. Despite its quality, the wine was later renamed Khvanchkara by the Soviet government, masking its aristocratic origins.

In 1929-1947, a new wine factory was built in Ambrolauri to increase production at the Imeretian kings' summer residence, solidifying Ambrolauri as the birthplace of Khvanchkara wine. Today, the city is home to the Royal Khvanchkara factory, continuing the tradition with advanced technology and a commitment to honoring ancient winemaking methods.

The vineyards of Royal Khvanchkara span 18 hectares across five Racha villages, meticulously cared for and benefiting from the region's humid climate. These vineyards produce premium wines characterized by deep ruby color, distinctive aroma, and harmonious taste, with fruity hints of strawberry and raspberry. The wines are crafted from select grape varieties including Khvanchkara, Aleksandrouli, Tetra, Mujuretuli, Usakhelauri, Tsolikouri, Ojaleshi, Dzelshavi-Saperavi, and Tvishi. Recently, Royal Khvanchkara added two exceptional wines to their collection: Royal Reserve Khvanchkara and Royal Reserve Usakhelauri.

Led by chief winemaker Lado Uzunashvili, an internationally recognized professional with decades of experience, Royal Khvanchkara wines have earned over 150 medals at global contests. They embody the classic Georgian character while harmonizing centuries-old traditions with modern dynamics.

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