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Numisi wine cellar

Vineyards of Velistsikhe village belongs to the micro-zone "Gurjaani", which is spread on the middle stream and right bank of the River Alazani, Kakheti region. The climate, soil, sun – all together gives the best combination for viticulture. Each village around produce wine in a small or medium size wineries and has ambitious to be the best and the first. Numisi is one of the best in this competition.

Once, several years ago, director of a local theater Mrs. Nunu kardenakhishvili, discovered a cellar in underground of the village Velistsikhe. She and her husband unearthed and cleaned 16th c classical architecture with white river stones and bricks and brought it to the new life.

The cellar introduces excellent arched wine storage, with old limestone wine presser (Satsnakheli) and 33 clay pitchers (Qvevri) sunk underneath the ground. This is the historical part of the winery.

Take a glance at the large collection of copper, glass, pottery, and timber vessels (mostly used for wine drinking), as well as the other items like woman jewelry, necklaces, rings, XVIII century wine copper kitchen utensils, old carpets and furniture. A very unique old French “Marmonies” firm grape presser machine, the old German wine allocator pump and lots of other old staff.

In the yard of the wine cellar the old wooden grain storage “Begeli”, Kakhetian “Shoti” bread baking clay-made “Tone” are placed. The vintage collection of furniture and ethno-yard created welcomeing and entertaining atmosphere.

Mrs. Nunu’s husband is a winemaker. Family produces wine, spirit and cognac. We are offered to participate in winemaking prosses, cooking masterclasses and wine tasting. Here are different packages:

Economy package – 7 EUR:

  • Tour to wine and grape museum of 16th c.
  • Red and white wine tasting

Standard package – 10 EUR:

  • Tour to wine and grape museum of 16th c
  • Red and white wine tasting
  • Chacha (Georgian vodka) tasting
  • Snacks: cheese, bread

Premium package – 14 EUR

  • Tour to wine and grape museum of 16th c.
  • Degustation of 2 types of white wine
  • Snacks: cheese, bread

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