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Marani Elizbar

Marani Elizbar is a boutique hotel and winery nestled in the heart of Kakheti, situated in the quaint village of KisisKhevi near Telavi town. The estate, originally built by David, the grandson of nobleman and winemaker Elizbar Turkestanishvili, embodies a rich heritage of Georgian winemaking.

"Our journey began in 2018 with the production of our first wine, Saperavi. Embracing local enological traditions, we meticulously craft a limited quantity of 4000 bottles annually, adhering to ancient Georgian winemaking methods"- sair David.

"What sets our wine apart is its distinctive character, attributed in part to its extended aging process in underground qvevri, ancient clay vessels. After nine months, the wine is transferred to different qvevri for further maturation, culminating in a bottle free from any preservatives or additives.

The hotel and winery structures, along with their interiors, bear the personal touch of David and Olga. Utilizing locally sourced materials such as traditional stone and roof tiles, they've created a warm and inviting atmosphere. Inside, guests will find a curated collection of oriental carpets and furniture, each piece selected by David over the years. Additionally, Marani showcases four sculptures celebrating the Georgian winemaking festival Rtveli, as well as two sculptures originating from the Sarajishvili brandy distillery.

At Marani Elizbar, hosts are dedicated to offering an immersive experience in Georgian culture and its esteemed wine and culinary traditions. The dishes are crafted from locally sourced ingredients and produced, complemented by our organic wines and delivered with genuine care and hospitality.

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