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Mamadaviti Pantheon

Mamadaviti or Mtatsminda Pantheon is a necropolis of Georgian Writers and Public Figures. Situated in the middle level of Holy Mountain Mtatsminda, it is nested in the volcanic rocks. Pantheon overlooks the city Tbilisi.

The Pantheon was established in the yard of St. David’s Church Mamadaviti. This is a place where the monk David – the holy father - settled in 6th c. Necropolis developed in 19th-20th cc - famous artists, writers, heroes, scholars are buried.

The Russian writer Alexander Griboyedov and his wife Princes Nino Chavchavadze (the daughter of prominent Georgian poet Alexander Chavchavadze) were the first people to be buried there. The opening of the pantheon was related to the celebration of a century of Griboyedov’s death in 1929.

Nowadays almost 55 tombs of writers and poets, public figures and sculptors are buried in this territory.

The visitors can get here by the funicular tram, also walk from the parking plot.

Admission is free of charge.

Working hours: every day 09:00 -19:00


The list of graves:

Akaki Khorava - Georgian drama actor (1924 - 1965)

Akaki Tsereteli -The great Georgian poet Akaki Tsereteli (1840 — 1915)

Aleksander Griboedov – Russian diplomat, playwright, poet, and composer (1795 –1829)

Princess Nino Chavchavadze - a daughter of Georgian Nobleman and poet Al. Chavchavadze (1812 –1857)

Aleksandre Tsagareli - linguist, philosopher, historian, paleographer, and archaeologist (1844 – 1929)

Anastasia Tumanishvili-Tsereteli - Public figure, writer and journalist (1849-1932)

Anna Kalandadze - Georgian poet (1924- 2008)

Chabua Amirejibi - Georgian writer (1921 - 2013)

David Eristavi - A playwright, journalist, translator and brilliant announcer (1847 – 1890)

David Kldiashvili - Georgian prose-writer (1862 –1931)

Prince Dimitri Kipiani - Georgian statesman, publicist, writer and translator (1814 –1887)

Ekaterine Jugashvili - Ekaterine Geladze, commonly known as "Keke", was the mother of Joseph Stalin (1856/1858 –1937)

Ekvtime Takaishvili - was a Georgian historian, archaeologist and public benefactor (1862 –1953).

Iakob Gogebashvili - Georgian teacher, founder of scientific pedagogy in Georgia, publicist, children's writer and public figure (1840 - 1912).

Iakob Nikoladze - Georgian sculptor, People's Artist of the Georgian SSR, one of the founders of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts and its first professor (1876 - 1951).

Prince Ilia Chavchavadze - Georgian writer, political figure, poet, Georgia's most universally revered hero (1837 –1907).

Professor Ilya Vekua - Georgian mathematician, the Hero of Socialist Labour, the first rector of Novosibirsk State University, and president (1972–1977) of the Georgian Academy of Sciences (1907 – 1977).

Ioseb Grishashvili - Georgian poet and public figure. People's Poet of Georgia, Academician of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Honored Art Worker of Armenia (1889 - 1965).

Prince Ivane Machabeli - (1854 – 1898) Georgian writer, translator, publicist, public figure, and a founder of the new Georgian literary language.

Nobleman Kaikhosro "Kakutsa" Cholokashvili -(1888 –1930) -Georgian military officer and a commander of an anti-Soviet guerrilla movement in Georgia, A national hero.

Kote Marjanishvili - Georgian theater director, an important contributor to the pre- and post-revolutionary evolution of Georgian, Russian and Soviet stages. famous for his lavish and massive theater shows (1872 –1933).

Professor Lado Gudiashvili - Georgian painter, graphic artist, theater and film artist. People's Artist of Georgia, People's Artist of the USSR (1896-1980)

Leo Kiacheli - Georgian novelist, short story writer, and journalist (1884 - 1963).

Merab Kostava - (1939 – 1989)- musician and poet; one of the leaders of the National-Liberation movement in Georgia.

Mikheil Chiaureli - (1894 –1974) - Soviet Georgian actor, film director and screenwriter. He directed 25 films between 1928 and 1974. He was awarded the Stalin Prize five times

Veriko Anjaparidze - Georgian stage and cinema actress People's Artist of the USSR and a Hero of Socialist Labour (1897 – 1987).

Mose Janashvili- Georgian historian, ethnographer, and linguist (1855 – 1934).

Mukhran Machavariani - Georgian poet (1929 –2010).

Niko Muskhelishvili - Georgian mathematician and mechanic; Public and state figure (1891 - 1976).

Niko Nikoladze - Georgian publicist, critic, revolutionary-democrat (1843 - 1928).

Prince Nikoloz "Tato" Baratashvili - Georgian poet (1817 – 1845).

Nino Poltoratskaia-Takaishvili -Ekvtime's wife (1869- 1931).

Nodar Dumbadze - Georgian writer and screenwriter, member of the Board of the Writers' Union of the USSR (1928 - 1984)

Olga Guramishvili-Chavchavadze - Member of the Georgian Literacy Society, Member of the Georgian Historical and Ethnographic Society, Chairman of the Georgian Women's Charity Society, headed the Georgian Women's Sewing School (1842 - 1927).

Olga Guramishvili-Nikoladze - Georgian biologist and educator, founded a girls' school, and later a women's gymnasium, in Didi Jikhaishi. the chair of the school board in Poti (1855 –1940).

Otar Chiladze - Georgian writer, prose writer, poet, playwright. In 1998, Chiladze was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature (1933 - 2009)

Sergo Zakariadze - Georgian actor, People's Artist of Georgia, People's Artist of the USSR (1909 - 1971)

Prince Shalva Dadiani - Georgian novelist, playwright, and a theatre actor (1874 –1959)

Simon ChikoVani - Georgian poet, the leader of Georgian Futurist movement, he ended up as a Soviet establishment figure (1902 –1966)

Simon Janashia - Georgian historian, academician of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist (1900 - 1947)

Solomon Dodashvili - Georgian philosopher, journalist, historian, grammarian, belletrist and enlightener (1805 –1836)

Zviad Gamsakhurdia - Georgian politician, scholar, and writer who became the first democratically elected President of Georgia in the post-Soviet era (1939 –1993)

Ushangi Chkheidze- Georgian actor, USSR (1898 -1953)

Vazha-Pshavela - Classicist, poet and writer of Georgian literature (1861-1915)

Vakhtang Chabukiani - Georgian dancer, ballet master and teacher, People's Artist of the USSR, founder of the Georgian Professional Ballet (1910-1992)

Vano Paliashvili - Conductor (1868-1913)

Vasil Barnov - Barnaveli - Georgian writer, teacher and public figure, one of the founders of the Georgian historical novel (1856 -1934)

Vaso Abashidze - Georgian theater actor and a founder of a realistic acting tradition in Georgia (1854 –1926)

Zakaria Chichinadze Mtatsmindeli - Georgian literary critic, bibliophile, historian, and a book publisher (1854 –1931)

Niko Pirosmani - Georgian primitivist artist (1862-1918)


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