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Dedaena Park

Dedaena Park is a wonderful recreational space along the river embankment, nestled between bustling city districts. Recently renovated, the park features various relaxation spots and a newly constructed skate park.

Originally built after World War II, the area was once part of the Mtkvari riverbed, with a small Madatovi island that now serves as a serene space for citizens.

The name "Deda Ena" translates to "mother language" in Georgian. The park's origins trace back to the historical events of the 1970s, specifically the 1978 Georgian Demonstrations. These protests were a response to the Soviet government's attempt to change the constitutional status of the Georgian language in the Georgian SSR. Tens of thousands gathered in what is now Dedaena Park. The demonstrations were successful, leading to the retention of Georgian as an official state language. April 14, the climax of the 1978 protests, is now celebrated as the Day of the Georgian Language.

In the park, you'll find a striking bronze memorial featuring a child reaching toward the sky with a bell above their head. This artistic image of the Deda Ena was crafted by Elguja Amashukeli and Nodar Mgaloblishvili.

Another captivating sculpture within the park pays homage to the legendary singer and poet Irakli Charkviani, affectionately known as "The King." His portrait, skilfully designed by Irakli Jhvania, adds a touch of artistic allure to the surroundings.

Currently, the park hosts small stage, skating area, children's playground, several bars and a café for visitors to enjoy.

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