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Zanduri House Lechkhumi

Zanduri House is located in Lechkhumi in the village of Ghvirishi, Tsageri Municipality, West Georgia.

This is a "Must See” place where guests are always warmly welcome. The founder of Zanduri House is Ms. Manoni Akhvlediani, a certified teacher who works at Ghvirishi Public School. Her efforts are based on her own goodwill to promote rural development through her activities in the village.

Zanduri House supports the development of ecotourism. Zanduri is a species of wheat, endemic to Lechkhumi. The host Ms. Manoni aims to popularize endemic species including Zanduri and Makha. A small museum is arranged in the old barn. All the ethnographic materials of wheat that have been used by ethnic Lechkhumi people to grow and store wheat are presented here. The host diligently explains to the guests the origin and purpose of each item and talks about the importance of reviving Georgian wheat varieties.

Zanduri House is an ethno village presented in a small space that includes a wine cellar, a barn, and a lovely family hotel with carved balconies where guests can spend a night and leave with an unique experience. While being here, visitors learn about traditions of wheat production and wine culture. In a small vineyard, bio wine is produced for the guests to taste. Walk in a beautiful apple garden where endemic Lechkhumi apple species are presented and taste natural delicious apple juice. The hosts also own 54 Bee houses and produce natural honey as well.

There is a small exhibition of wines from local farms or families in the wine cellar, mainly Tsolikouri, Aladasturi, and Tskhvediani Tetra. Except for Tsolikouri, the host herself makes a cherry and apple wine too.

Fantastic views from the yard of Zanduri House amazes everyone who are able to see it. The host Ms. ManOni, offers to the guests a small excursion around the farm. Wine and honey tasting and cozy stay in a family hotel. Tourists can participate in a “Khachapuri” preparation master classes in a bakery and try famous Lechkhumi "Lobiani” that is made with beans and ham. A fabulous day at Zanduri House, revived traditions and extraordinary people make the stunning environment even more complete.

Future plans of hardworking host include opening a campsite for the next year.

Private day trip from Kutaisi is available to book with our travel expert here.

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