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Sno valley, Sno village and Sno Canyon

Sno is a village in Kazbegi Municipality, Khevi region, the northeastern mountainous part of Georgia. The village is situated at an elevation of 2200 meters above sea level, 20 kilometers from the town Stepantsminda, on the southern slope of the Khevi Kavkasioni main ridge. Hikers can access Abudelauri Lakes and Chaukhi Mountains by foot or horses from here.

There is a medieval fortress located at the edge of the village. Fortress is estimated to be built in the 16th-17th c.c. Fortification integrates a round curtain wall and a tall defensive tower. The major purpose of the structure was to defend the gorge from the invasions from the Northern Caucasus during the middle ages.

One can find Zeta Camping – a hostel and campsite on a hill near the village. From here, visitors will enjoy the spectacular views of Chaukhi Mountain. This is the starting point for the hiking trail going to Abudelauri Lake and, afterwards, towards the village Roshka in Khevsureti.

Sculptor from Stepantsminda – Merab Piranishvili is living and working in village Sno. One can see his works in the Truso Gorge and village Sno – large megalith stones carved in the shapes of human head. Many of them depict the famous Georgian writers and public figures.

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