About Attraction

Shenako is a village, situated in Tusheti, at an elevation of 2080 meters above sea level. It is located in 100 kilometers from town Akhmeta and can be reached by jeep or horse. Notable monument in Shenako is the St. George Church.

The village of Shenako is located on the territory of Tusheti National Park.

St. George's Church in Shenako stands on the outskirts of the village, to the east. It belongs to the 19th c. The church is a free cross-type domed building (internal dimensions: 7.4 X 5.1 m), built of slate and lime. The walls are plastered and whitewashed on the inside and outside. The transition from the dome square to the circular outline of the dome neck is carried out by sails drawn in the corners of the dome square. There are eight narrow and arched windows in the dome. From the outside, the neck of the dome is octagonal, covered with a tin, pyramidal roof. In front of the west arm of the church is a rectangular gate with three semicircular arches on three sides. The arches rest on two pilasters and two square piers on the west wall of the church. The inside of the gate is covered with a semicircular domed arch, and the outside is covered with a tin double roof. A square bell tower was planned on the west wall of the gate, of which only the foundation remains. The church, gate and minarets have a slate shelf Lavgardan.

Shenako is characterized by house-towers – authentic forms of local architecture of Tusheti. In such towers, he bottom floor was occupied by the livestock and the top floor was used for dwelling and also protection from the invaders.

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