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Discover Bochorna – Europe's Highest Settlement

Bochorna is a village located in Tusheti region, Akhmeta Municipality, on the south slope of Makratela Mountain Range, on the left bank of the river Tusheti Alazani. It is situated at 2345 meters above sea level and is considered as the highest permanent settlements in Europe.

Located 2,405m above sea level village Resi in Kazbegi region, Georgia, had the honor of the highest settlement in Europe up until 1989, but as the village became deserted and people left the area, Ushguli – the village in Upper Svaneti, Georgia, was awarded the title.

Until 2014 village Ushguli was regarded as the highest inhabited village in Europe however this all changed again: seventy-six years old doctor Irakli Khvedaguridze, settled here for all year round and start providing basic medical treatment to other people living in the almost deserted Tusheti villages.

“I am alone during winter here, but. I stay strong just because I was born, grown up old here and people need me here,” said Khvedaguridze. He is optimistic and believes, more people will return to their homes in the rural areas.

Thanks to this man’s commitment, Bochorna was now officially marked on the map as Europe’s highest settlement following the recent Census in Georgia.

A special banner has been installed, saying Bochorna is the highest settlement in Europe.

“This recognition will raise the awareness of Bochorna and attract more tourists to Tusheti. This will help us to strengthen and revive the village and return its population to their homes,” said doctor Khvedaguridze.

The village is isolated in winter for several months, the trails across mountains and a horse path, which is marked only in some parts is sometimes difficult to find. A good level of health, fitness and experience of walking or horse-riding is necessary.

Driving distance from Omalo is 10 km (36 min); from Akhmeta is 101 km (3h 22 min);

To reach the area 4x4WD jeep is essential.

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