About Attraction

The museum is located in the old city, right below the Narikala fortress. The Museum houses collections of South Caucasian authentic musical instruments, along with European mechanical and classical musical instruments. The visitors can observe Georgian traditional musical instruments from various regions of Georgia: the oldest exhibits of triple barrels from Mtskheta (old capital), the salamuri or the larch of Samgrelo, the Sannori of Guria, the Svanetian harmonies with a very narrow sound range, the kind of bagpipe - Gudastviri from Racha and the Chiboni from Adjara. It is also interesting to pay attention to the cases of these instruments, decorated with gold, colored glass and chains. A separate exposition is devoted to the history of sound recording and sound reproducing equipment: phonographs and gramophones of 20th century. The traditional Georgian polyphonic singing is also represented by a collection of audio recordings, the first of which were made as far back as 1901.

City area/address: Old City, 6 Samghebro St, T'bilisi, Georgia
Working hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 17.30p.m.
Ticket price: Adult - 3 Gels, Guided Tour Fee 5 GEL