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Gori Historical-Ethnographical Museum

Named after the prominent Georgian ethnographer Sergi Makalatia (1893-1974), Gori Historical-Ethnographic museum is located in town Gori, at the heart of Inner (Shida) Kartli region, East Georgia.

Museum houses an archeological collection from excavations in Shida Kartli Region, and dating back from the 4th century BC, till the modern times. The items range from jewelry, grave items, clothing, tools, household furniture and dining ware. The notable artifacts displayed here are diadems from the Bronze age, wine jugs shaped like a deer, Georgian and Karabagh carpets and rugs, textiles and golden thread embroidery for religious clothes etc. All artifacts are neatly laid out, giving a fascinating picture of the lives of Georgians in the area of Gori over many millennia.

City area/address: Very center, 12, Kirion II street, 1400, Gori
Working hours: Everyday 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.