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Town Dedoplistskaro

Dedoplistskaro, a town in the Dedoplistskaro municipality, derives its name from the Georgian "Queen's Spring," though it was known as Tsiteltskaro ("Red Spring" 1926-1991 years) during Soviet times. With a population of 5,940 (2014), it's linked to legends of Queen Tamar and renowned for its historical documents from the 11th century. The area, situated 800 meters above sea level, spans the Iori Plateau, Shiraki Plains, and Eldari Valley, the latter being Georgia's sole semi-desert region.

The municipality boasts various natural and historic attractions:

Vashlovani National Park and Strict Nature Reserve: Established in 1935, covering 10,143 hectares, home to pine and juniper forests housing diverse wildlife like foxes, wolves, and Griffon vultures.

Chachuna Managed Reserve: Founded in 1996, dedicated to protecting arid flora and fauna along the Iori River's forested banks.

Museums: Including the Museum of Local Lore featuring archaeological artifacts and the Niko Pirosmanashvili House-Museum, dedicated to the famed Georgian naïve painter.

Archaeological Sites: Khornabuji Fortress, churches like Ozaani Church (10th century), Zemo Machkhaani church (18th century), and more.

Monuments: Memorial sites like the World War II memorial and the Crucified Georgia monument, commemorating those who fought for freedom in 1989.

Economy: Agriculture dominates, with wine-growing, wheat, barley, and almond cultivation. Mining activities for oil and limestone also contribute.

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