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Tsughrughasheni is an orthodox Christian church dedicated to the Cross of St. George on Thursday. Located in South Georgia, Bolnisi municipality, church is just 2 kilometers away from another important monument, located in Lower Kartli region – Bolnisi Sioni. Church is situated on a slope of a hill, on the right bank of the river Bolnisistskali.

Tsughrughasheni church was constructed in the 13th century, particularly in 1212–1222, under the King Giorgi IV (Lasha Giorgi). Stylistically, church resembles other Georgian medieval monuments, such as Betania and Pitareti. However, Tsughrughasheni has extraordinarily tall cupola.

Church has various complex stone ornaments on the exterior, especially its cupola. Interior used to be painted, however, frescoes have been severely damaged through times. There are three inscriptions found on the walls of the church. They reveal the name of the architect, as well as that Tsughrughasheni was constructed during the reign of Giorgi IV.

Driving distance from Bolnisi is 12.2 km (17 min ); from Tbilisi - 77.3 km (1 hr 25 min ).

Working hours: every day 09:00-18:00

Admission: limited during the liturgy

Entrance: free of charge

Dress code: required

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