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Barakoni Church

Barakoni Church of the Mother God, or simply Barakoni, is a Georgian Orthodox Church monument, located in Caucasus mountainous region of Racha, Ambrolauri municipality, in village Tsesi.

Church was built in 1753. It should be noted, that there was a smaller basilica from early feudal times before Barakoni in this area, built by the order of the first Eristavi (feudal lord in medieval Georgia) of Racha. Likewise, construction of Barakoni was also initiated by the Eristavi of Racha – Rostom. The inscription on the church reveals the name of the builder – Avtandil Shulavreli. Barakoni is one of the important late monuments of medieval Georgian cross-dome church architecture.

Barakoni is situated in a beautiful gorge, at the confluence of the rivers Lukhuni and Rioni, surrounded by the forested mountains of Racha.

Working hours: every day 09:00-18:00

Admission: limited during the liturgy

Entrance: free of charge

Dress code: required

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