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Samshvilde & Kldekari Museum Reserve

The ancient megalithic complexes extended for several tenths of kilometers on the slopes of Trialeti range, cyclopean castles and ‘the veils’ of the second – first Millennia BC, a valley with dozens of the Middle Bronze Age barrows, a procession pavement leading to burial ground, several churches and abandoned villages sunk under the thicket of waters of Tsalka reservoir (seasonally), several unique monuments of secular and church architecture.

Samshvilde is one of the oldest fortified cities in eastern Georgia, which has been preserved in the form of ruins. Samshvilde, as one of the strong fortress cities, is mentioned in connection with the campaign of Alexander the Great to Kartli. Since the time of the first king of Kartli, Farnavaz, it is the city and center of Eristavi. In Kvemo Kartli, also, is the oldest fortress of Kldekari.

Towering on the rocky peak of the Trialeti Range, the Kldekari fortress and the gate leading to the fortress, the gates carved into the rock are the most important historical property of the region. The fortress, built in the 70s of the 9th century, was the center of Eristavi and the residence of Eristavi-Bagvashti. All this unites in the museum-reserve Samshvilde and Kldekari.

Here you will find the oldest megalithic complexes, the valley of mounds, church and secular archeological monuments, the village of Avranoli, located 1600 m above sea level, carved into the rocks of the canyon of the church and many other amazing cultural monuments. One of the main sights of Georgia of the Middle Ages is an important point, Akhalkalaki of Trialeti, the current Darbashi.

Located in Lower Kartli, historical region of Trialeti, Tsalka Region, 94 km away from Tbilisi

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