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    Winter is yet another great season to plan your vacation in Georgia. 5 active ski resorts, endless backcountry opportunities, paragliding, snowmobiling, winter trekking, snowshoing or simple...

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    Small group departure dates are open every next week, check the dates and join in Tbilisi. Individuals and small groups are welcome to travel in the most attractive places of Georgia.

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    Private escorted multiday tour packages are designed for individuals or small groups to travel any time upon request. Accommodation, all transfers & entrance fees are included in the price.

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    Explore the wild nature and high mountains, where mighty peaks, gorgeous ravines, roaring rivers and sparkling waterfalls grant one with true excitement.

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    If you have a particular love for nature and trekking, Georgia is the best place for your ideal vacation this summer. We invite you for the exciting trekking adventures in Svaneti and Kazbegi

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    Escape from Tbilisi routine. The full inclusive private trips are accompanied by a professional staff: competent driver and proficient tour guide will assist you throughout the trip.

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    Fascinating private 1 day trips from Tbilisi include all entrance fees and lunch in the Georgian restaurant. Pick up from your night stay and come back in the evening full of impressions.

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    Private half days trips from Tbilisi offer you guided excursions with one staff. Professional English speaking guide/driver will serve you for 4-5 hours.

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    Exclusive tour packages for your families and friends to experience Georgia & Caucasus region in different way. Familiarize with local touch, people, wine, the national folklore, delicious cuisine...

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    La Georgia è una terra ricca di una importante storia e di bellezze naturali senza eguali. La Georgia è una meravigliosa culla di cultura, religione e storia antica. Paese dove tutti possono.

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    Для Русскоговорящих гостей у нас открытые даты на групповые заезды на все праздники, подберите подходящие даты, и мы подберём подходящий тур. Добро пожаловать в Грузию!

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  • Svaneti

    Region of Georgia


    Svaneti, one of the timeless and lovely provinces of Georgia, is situated at the mouth of the river Enguri among awe-inspiring mountains. It is the most populated highland region. The village, Ushguli, is the highest populated place in Europe (at 2200 meters above sea level). It is the most difficult to access as it is the most isolated region of Georgia. 

  • Kakheti

    Region of Georgia


    Kakheti is known as the region of vine for a reason. Unique and awards winning premium wines and brandies are produced here. Main towns: Telavi, Sighnaghi, Gurjaani, Napareuli, villages Manavi, Napareuli and more and more carry the names of local wines.  


  • Adjara

    Region of Georgia


    Adjara is the beautiful Southern corner of coastline in the European Georgia. Region retained its former soviet name - Autonomous republic of Adjara. Once part of the Kolkheti Kingdom from the 6th to the 1st cc BC had close relations with Ancient Greece and Rome. Batumi is the capital city of Adjara and main port.

  • Kartli

    Region of Georgia


    The Heart of Georgia, Kartli is the central, the biggest and the most important region of Georgia. Even the Georgian name for our country (Sakartvelo) is derived from this region and both the ancient and the new capitals of Georgia - Mtskheta and Tbilisi - are located here.

  • Imereti

    Region of Georgia


    The historic region of Imereti in western Georgia is the region of the legendary Golden Fleece – this is where the long quest for the Golden Fleece took Jason and the Argonauts. Even though the Golden Fleece has been taken to Greece, visitors today will find something else of worth other than the Golden Fleece.

  • Meskheti

    Region of Georgia


    In the south of Georgia you will find the provinces of Meskheti and Samtskhe-Javakheti - a land of forested mountains and steep river valleys, gushing rivers and clear lakes. The region is famous for its historical monuments, such as Vardzia caves, Borjomi city and national park and ski resort Bakuriani. 

  • Mtskheta-Mtianeti

    Region of Georgia


    Mtskheta – Mtianeti region spans quite diverse terrains from the historic capital of Georgia, Mtskheta, up north to the mountain regions of Khevsureti in the Great Caucasus mountain range. Following the route of the original Georgian Military Highway northward up toward Russia, one can see a magnitude of regional highlights: the Jvari and Svetiskhoveli churches in Mtskheta at the confluence of Aragvi and Mtkvari Rivers, the Ananuri fortification and, after the road winding up through spectacular mountain scenery, the ski resort of Gudauri.

  • Guria

    Region of Georgia


    Guria is a Black Sea coastline province famous for its inexhaustibly witty people. The most typical subject of their talk is certainly world politics. You shouldn’t argue with them because you will almost certainly lose! 

  • Racha-Lechkhumi

    Region of Georgia


    Along with the geographical location, rich and diverse flora and fauna makes the Racha-Lechkhumi region original and unique. Mountain range of the region, snowy peaks of Kavkasioni, rivers and falls, huge forests and animals and birds, natural caves, passes, alpine mowing and pastures, gorgeous roads and paths, Shaori and Lajani lakes and other wonderful sites surprise the sightseers. 

  • Khevsureti

    Region of Georgia


    Khevsureti is another beautiful highland region of Georgia. Its villages Shatili, Arkhoti and Mutso were defensive towns, which is obvious by their impressive towers. Khevsurians are expert cattle-breeders, so their main diet is meat. Their most delicious meal is ‘Khinkali’, a boiled meat dumpling, which is now popular in all the regions of Georgia.

  • Samegrelo

    Region of Georgia


    Samegrelo, in the west, is one of the oldest regions of Georgia, where the Megrelians live. These people are vivacious and talented; Samegrelo has produced many outstanding scientists and cultural representatives. It was one of the oldest principalities of Georgia belonging to the illustrious Dadiani family. The ‘Dadianis’ estate in Zugdidi is a historical monument now.

  • Welcome to Georgia National Tourism Awards 2017

    Welcome to Georgia National Tourism Awards 2017

    The BEST in Hospitality and Tourism Industry Finalist of Welcome to Georgia National Tourism Awards 2017

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    Viator Top Rated 2017

    Georgian Holidays has achieved Viator\'s 2017 Top Rated Award, distinguishing us as an outstanding activity provider for the world\'s leading online resource for booking tours and activities.

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    Viator Top Rated 2016

    Georgian Holidays has achieved Viator\'s 2016 Top Rated Award, distinguishing us as an outstanding activity provider for the world\'s leading online resource for booking tours and activities.

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  • GTA


    Georgian Tourism Association - GTA carries out projects to improve tourism development in Georgia in partnership with Department of Tourism and Resorts, Agency of Protected Areas, International Organizations (USAID/SME project, GTZ Private Sector Development project, GTZ regional communal development project, IUCN etc.), local partners (i.e. Elkana, Geoland) and member companies. GTA is the member of UNWTO Knowledge Network, of GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council), of GCCI (Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and member of ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).



    HEIFER INTERNATIONAL implements the project Sustainable Development of Rural Tourism in Black Sea countries

  • Leader of the Branch 2016

    Leader of the Branch 2016

    Gold Medal and International Certificate \"Leader of the Branch 2016\"/ Winner of National Business Award