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Lekso's Marani

Lekso’s Marani, meaning winery in Georgian, is a family-owned wine cellar nestled in the village of Akhashani, within the Akhmeta municipality, just 12 km from the town of Akhmetain the Kakheti  region.

The winery specializes in crafting qvevri wines using traditional Kakhetian methods. This process involves pressing the grapes and then fermenting the juice, grape skins, stalks, and pips in qvevri, which are traditional Georgian clay vessels.

Visitors are invited to take a guided tour of the winery, where they can learn about the winemaking process and marvel at the 100-year-old vessels. They can also indulge in tastings of qvevri amber and qvevri red wines, along with chacha, a Georgian pomace brandy, all paired with delicious snacks.

The standard wine-tasting package includes samples of three types of qvevri wine: qvevri amber wine, qvevri red wine, and chacha distillate, accompanied by snacks. For those eager to explore further, additional wine varieties are available for tasting upon request.

To book a private tour, please contact us here.