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Lagazi Wine Cellar

Founded in 2013, Lagazi is a family-owned wine cellar nestled in the village of Zemo Alvani, situated in the Kakheti region of Georgia. Here, wine is crafted as a hand-made product, following traditional Georgian methods. The process involves fermenting squeezed juice and grapes in clay vessels called Qvevri, which are buried underground.

"If you've developed a fondness for Georgian wine and seek one of its most authentic expressions, you must try Shota's wines. Notably, both his Rkatisteli and Mtsvane varieties spend six months on skins and a full year in Qvevri. This results in wines with abundant structure and complexity, yet beneath the initial boldness lies a subtle gentleness and elegance. Despite his youthful age of 26, Shota is deeply committed to preserving Georgian landscape, traditions, and particularly the agricultural heritage."

"The primary objective of our wine cellar is to craft pure and natural wine, utilizing forgotten grape varieties," shared Shota Lagazidze, the winemaker and owner of the winery.


"In our family-operated wine cellar, visitors can experience the traditional method of winemaking in Qvevri, sample our natural wine 'Lagazi' made from various grape varieties, and enjoy a family lunch featuring traditional Georgian dishes. Additionally, guests can partake in a cooking class to learn the art of Georgian cuisine. These masterclasses cover recipes for iconic Georgian dishes like Khinkali (highland dumplings), Khachapuri (Tushetian-style cheese bread), and Churchkhela (Georgian candy)."

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Driving distance from Telavi - 28 km, from Tbilisi - 116 km

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