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Baia's Winery

Discover the exceptional RAW wines Tsitska-Tsolikouri and Krakhuna white dry wines crafted at Baia’s Winery, a true gem nestled in the picturesque village of Obcha within the Baghdati municipality.

Highlighted by Dave McIntyre in the Washington Post as "5 wines to try when you're in the mood to pour something different," our skin-fermented white wines, also known as "orange" or "amber" wines, have been praised as "Exceptional," "Excellent," and "Very Good."

Crafted by young winemaker Baia Abuladze, along with her sister Gvantsa and brother, our wines are rooted in a longstanding family tradition of winemaking. Established in 2015 on our own vineyards and agricultural lands in Obcha, our main philosophy emphasizes low-intervention and the production of organic, biodynamic, and natural wines.

Experience the best of Baia’s Wines:

Tsolikouri - A white dry wine made from the Tsolikouri grape variety, fermented with skins in traditional Georgian "Qvevri" clay pots for 3 months. ABV: 13% 750 ml

Gvantsa’s Wine - A full-bodied red dry wine made from an old Otskhanuri sapere grape variety, aged in Qvevri for 1 year. Perfectly complements meat dishes. ABV: 12.5% 750 ml

Tsitska-Tsolikouri - A white dry wine made from 70% Tsitska and 30% Tsolikouri grapes, awarded the Silver medal in Dusseldorf's Wine Grand Prix 2016. ABV: 12%

Tsitska-Tsolikouri-Krakhuna - A white dry wine crafted from 3 distinct grape varieties (20% Tsitska, 20% Krakhuna, 60% Tsolikouri) using the "SVIRI" method, offering citrus fruit aromas.

Cha Cha - A classical spirit made from Tsolikouri, Tsitska, and Krakhuna grapes, cultivated in the region of Imereti. ABV: 65% 750 ml

Baia’s Wines are exported to the USA, Germany, Austria, and France. Visitors to Baia’s Winery can explore the old wine cellar, traditional winemaking equipment, and the lush vineyards, making it a must-visit cultural destination for wine enthusiasts in Baghdati.

Conveniently located in the Imereti region of West Georgia, Baia’s Winery in the village of Obcha is just 11 km from Baghdati and 33 km from Kutaisi.

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