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Adjarian Wine House

The Adjarian Wine House was established in 2010, built upon the ruins of an 18th-century historical winery located in the village of Adjaristskali, within the Khelvachauri municipality. The new owners undertook the task of restoring local winemaking traditions and reintroducing some old, unique wines, such as the characteristic "Chkhaveri," which is indigenous to the region.

The winery boasts vineyards, two factories, a Georgian restaurant offering an elegant setting for private events, a wine library (enotheque), a wine cellar with Qvevri (underground clay vessels), and wine tasting halls. Adding to its allure, the site features a narrow pond stocked with a variety of large fish, enhancing the visitor experience.

The winery produces a range of wines, including those fermented in the European style, Qvevri wines, a variety of Chacha and Cognac, and champagne aged in the bottle, with a specialization in Chkhaveri wines. European-style wines are typically blends of Rkatsiteli and Tsolikouri grapes, while Qvevri-made wines predominantly use the Tsolikouri grape variety.

The interior walls of the Adjara Wine House are constructed using the same bricks and stones found on the exterior, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Within the underground wine cellar, oak barrels are used for aging wines, and riddling racks are employed to prepare sparkling wine bottles. Additionally, visitors can view a 250-year-old wood press on display nearby.

On the first floor, the restaurant area is adorned with numerous wine bottles lining the walls, complemented by carefully placed local artifacts, enhancing the overall ambiance. A glass floor offers a glimpse into the wine library and cellar below.

The Adjarian Wine House provides an ideal setting to enjoy fresh air and relax with friends and family amidst breathtaking scenery. Visitors can explore the vineyard, learn about the winemaking process, sample local wines, opt to smoke hand-rolled Georgian tobacco, and indulge in Georgian and international cuisine.

special wine is Chkhaveri Rose under the brand "Porto Franco" offering variety of dry, semi-sweet and Qvevri wines.

 Master classes:

  • Participation in the Qvevri opening ritual 
  • Wine tasting
  • Making Khinkhali
  •  Conversion of Churchkhela
  • Baking bread
  • Making Ajarian cheese
  • Grape stomping and distilling Chacha
  • Wrapping Georgian Cigar

Working hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00-22:00

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