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Tbilisi Europe Square

Europe Square in Tbilisi stands as a vibrant melting pot where diverse cultures converge, fostering an atmosphere of peace, camaraderie, and unity—a sought-after destination for global travelers.

This bustling square links several iconic landmarks within Tbilisi's historic district, serving as a junction for Wine Ascent, Metekhi Downhill Street, Rike Park, Metekhi Bridge, and a crucial tunnel. Within its expanse, visitors encounter the striking flower watch, the inviting Rike restaurant, the lower station of the Areal cable car, a playground for children, the Mtkvari River Ferry station, and an impressive statue honoring the renowned Georgian composer Davit Sarajishvili. Remarkably, this square was erected upon what once was a river island.

Notably, Europe Square commemorates the enduring bond between Georgia and Germany. During a visit to Germany in June 2017, the Georgian Prime Minister received a segment of the Berlin Wall, a powerful symbol of Georgian-German friendship. With profound sentiment, Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili expressed, "This remarkable site will serve as a reminder that every barrier of malice shall one day crumble.

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