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Shovi resort

Shovi is a balneological mountain resort located at an altitude of 1520 meters in Racha region, Oni municipality, West Georgia, in about 30 km from the administrative center of the province – town Oni.

Shovi is situated in the valley of river Chanchakhi, surrounded by both deciduous and coniferous forested areas, and high peaks of the Greater Caucasus mountain range. These areas have been noticed by the scientists already in the beginning of the 20th century for its unique mountain climate, beautiful nature, as well as mineral carbonated waters. These factors in totality represented excellent natural conditions for a health balneological-climatic mountain resort. The first sanatorium was built in 1928, and Shovi resort was officially opened in 1929. Since then, infrastructure was expanded and Shovi became popular resort during the Soviet period. Resort is recommended to people with respiratory diseases, such as asthma or bronchitis, gastrointestinal tract, bile, and urinary tract diseases, lymphadenitis etc.

Climate in Shovi is quite humid, with cold winters (average temperature -6 °C) and cool summers (average temperature 16 °C). The best period to visit the resort is from June till October.

Driving distance: from Ambrolauri - 60 km (1 hr 17 min); from Kutaisi - 132 km (1 hr 17 min), from Tbilisi - 330 km (5 h 37 min).

Recommended hotel: Sunset Shovi

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