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Sisa Tura

Welcome to Samegrelo!

Ethno complex is located 11 Kilometeres from Zugdidi town, in the village Chkhoria. By the way, jackals do howl around here from time to time, so the mentioned name Sisa Tura which means “Get out jackal”, makes perfect sense. Megrelian hosts meet visitors at the entrance gate holding snacks and shot glasses full of chacha-grape liquor. Guests should raise a toast, bless their arrival, hosts’ hospitality, and drink. Thus, they obtain “permission” to enter an ethnic village.

Sisa Tura encompasses 3 different spaces involving more than 3 hectares of territory:

The first space is entirely dedicated to ethnography, featuring authentic Megrelian dwellings, such as Megrelian Oda and Megrelian-style home Pita Pitsari (also known as Godori), which is an upgraded version of Jargvali dwelling. It is practically a living museum, housing enticing artifacts such as old yellowed newspapers and traditional Megrelian Chokha attire, preserved from ancestors. Various old household items and kitchen utensils are displayed in Patskha. Guests can try Chokha (traditional male dress of the peoples of Caucasus) on, participate in the preparation of local dishes, observe corn processing techniques passed down in a family for generations and enjoy listening to live Megrelian folk music.

The second space is a recreational area, with a beautiful artificial lake, hammocks, swings, benches to sit down, and Chitanava ancestral wooden mill nearby. Visitors can fish, stroll by the lake, have a picnic lunch, and enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding the area.

The third space is dedicated to agriculture, showcasing domestic animals and typical Megrelian annual or perennial cultivars. Guests are allowed to interact with animals and feed them if they want to.

Another highlight of ethno-village Sisa Tura is a local cuisine. Besides a gastronomic tour, local hosts offer cooking classes and food tasting events featuring delicious traditional Megrelian dishes: ghomi, elarji, dairy gebzhalia, Megrelian-style khachapuri (cheese bread), etc.

The introduction tour ends with a hearty party, accompanied by traditional Mengrelian folk music and dance. Visitors will see an unforgettable art of a toast-making from a toast-master Tamada. Food and drinks are all supplied by the hosts.

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