About Attraction

A Glamping and Camping Haven in Vakijvari Village, Guria

Nestled at 400 meters above sea level in Vakijvari village, at the base of mount Bakhmaro, lies Chamo—a haven for rural tourism enthusiasts. Located approximately 15 km away from Ozurgeti, Guria region in Western Georgia, this destination offers a serene retreat in nature's lap.

Nature's Embrace:

Experience the charm of nature at Chamo, where the vistas of Bakhmaro and Gomi Mountain ranges paint a breathtaking canvas. Fondly known as the "place above the clouds," guests are invited to immerse themselves in subtropical beauty. Explore lush orchards adorned with Japanese sakura and maples while the Natanebi river gracefully flows nearby.

Glamping Cottage:

Chamo's cozy cottage, spanning a compact 30 square meters, is a fully equipped abode. Comprising three rooms—a kitchen combined living area, a snug bedroom, and a convenient bathroom—the cottage offers an intimate retreat. Its wooden structure boasts expansive windows, fostering a closer connection to nature. Step onto the balcony to witness mesmerizing sunrise and sunset views.

Camping Delights:

For outdoor enthusiasts, the camping site nestled within the orchard offers a separate building housing an outdoor kitchen, bathroom, and storage—all in one space. Positioned closer to the Natanebi river, guests relish a gentle, refreshing breeze even on scorching summer days. As night falls, gather around the fire pit under the star-studded sky, adding a touch of magic to the evenings.

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