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Algeti National Park

Algeti National Park stretches along the upper valley of Algeti River, in the region of Kvemo Kartli, covering the woody southern slopes of the Eastern Trialeti Range, with the highest point-Mount Kldekari at 2000 m above sea level.

The reserve is considered to be one of the most picturesque protected areas in Georgia, distinguished for its picturesque landscapes and biological diversity. Total territory spans almost 6,800 hectares, with more than 5,000 ha covered by coniferous and deciduous forests (Caucasian fir-tree, Oriental spruce, and Caucasian pine-tree) and the rest being water reservoirs, waterfalls, streams and fertile meadows.

Various botanists refer to Algeti park as “Floristic knot”, due to its rich flora represented by 1,664 plant species: 800 grasses, 156 species of herbs, 80 trees, 69 decorative plants, more than 43 poisonous species, 24 vegetables, 3 Georgian and Caucasian endemos. Forest ecosystems have a high soil protection and water regulation value: yew (Taxus baccata), pine-grove, oak- wood, spruce-grove, Caucasian rhododendron (Rhododedron caucasicum), beeh-grove; From tertiary period there are preserved: Eastern beech, wild cherry, Philadelphus Caucasian Viburnum, Caucasian fir, other plants of Colchis and the Eastern Mediterranean mezophilic flora.

Floristic composition is diverse, boasting Iberian, Colchi, Caucasian, Asian (Rhamnuspalasii, astragalus), Iranian and Hyrcanian flora(Hyrcanus maple).

The reserve features 514 species of mushrooms (331 macromycete, 183 Micromycete), 304 water plants, 184 lichens, 150 mosses. Some of them are new for Georgian nature: 7 species of Macromycete (Pulcherricum caeruleum, Echinoderma aspera, Russula pectinatoides, Thelephora penicillate, Peziza petersii, Dacrymyces palmatus, Arrhenia retiruga), 5 water plants (Cymbella helvetica, Gomphonema intricatum, Cocconeis fluviatilis, Hantzshia amphioxys Gyrosigma spencerii) and 3 lichens (Hypotrachyna revolute , H. sinuosa, Flavopunctelia flaventior).

“Red List” species of trees and plants include: Caucasian astragalus, Georgian nuts, yew, elm, sea-buckthorn (Hippophaerhamnoides), highmountainoak.

Local fauna is no less diverse in the park, providing important habitat for Caucasian deers, roe, grizzly bear, wolf, foxes, hares, lynx, marten, squirrel, rabbit, dormouse; 80 species of birds: Imperial Eagle, hawk, buzzard, eagle-owl, sparrow-hawk, harrier, black woodpecker, hen, dollarbird, hoopoe, blackbird, swallow, jay, wren, tomtit, goldfinch; 27 endemic species of mammals: Asia Minor mouse (Sylvaemusmystacinus), snow vole (Chionomysnivalis), common dormouse (Myoxusglis), Nehring’s blind mole-rat (Nannospalaxnehringi), common vole (Microtusarvalis), Dwarf ghamori(Pipistrellus pipistrellus); Snakes: Natrixnatrix, smooth snake (Coronellaaustriaca), steppe viper, water Natrix, hog-nosed adder; several species of amphibians and reptiles; 567 genera, 134 families, 22 series, 8 classes, 4 types and 1013 species of invertebrates, among them-131 species of insects, 14 species of eartworms, 3 Caucasian endemics: 2 species of family (Tipulidae) and 1 species of family (Bibionidae); Following animals and birds are from the “Red List” of Georgia: Caucasian squirrel (Sciurusanomalis), Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliacal), Brown bear (Ursusarctors), Caucasian heathcock (Tetraomlokosiewiczi), and others.

Besides rich flora and fauna or Algeti River Valley visitors can admire important archaeological sites and natural attractions near the park: Samshvilde Canyon, emerald-colored Dashbashi Canyon, Birtvisi Canyons, Kldekari historical Fortress of the 9th century, etc.

Algeti National Park is a great place for trekking, camping and eco tours. There are 5 eco-tourist trails on the territory: horse-riding and pedestrian, with only one marked: Samepo Kedi-16 km circular trail

Route 1: Samepo Ridge /16 km, 5-6 hr, pedestrian, difficulty: average/

The route starts from Manglisi borough to the direction of the picnic area, continues via Martalkhevi until village of Didi Namtvriani and goes back to Manglisi via Sanepo Ridge. The trail is marked with blue and white color.

There is a small infrastructural unit in the yard of Algeti National Park’s visitor center: a picnic area with auxiliary buildings and an adventure park. The Rope Park features arranged zones for adults and family trip, uniting from 10 to 14 barriers. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy nature and eco-tourist attractions even without leaving the yard.

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